The Block NZ teams reveal their impressive kitchen and dining rooms

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The houses are starting to come together on The Block NZ as the teams reveal their kitchen and dining areas. We get a closer look at their standout style

The Block NZ teams reveal their impressive kitchen and dining rooms

It’s true what they say: kitchens sell houses, which means this week’s room reveal on The Block NZ was the most important one yet. As a major selling point for future buyers, the teams needed to nail their kitchen and dining space, especially because a double room reveal means double the money. With eight spaces down and with Amy and Stu winning the majority of the room reveals (and, more importantly, the prize money), it’s obvious that the teams need a serious boost to their remaining budgets.

Following their first win for their stylish yet practical garage, Ben and Tom came into kitchen and dining week feeling confident. They specifically designed their house around their kitchen and have been impatiently waiting all season to be able to showcase their vision to the judges. Thankfully for them, their perseverance paid off. The judges were blown away by the space and thought it pulled the whole house together.

With their budget dwindling, Chlo and Em were desperate to win this week’s $12,000 room reveal prize. The Palmy besties went bold in their colour choice and managed to pull off a space that felt both warm and fresh. Judge Kristina Rapley loved their styling and how their colour choice gave the space “a nice earthy vibe.”

After being knocked out of last week’s room reveal, Amy and Stu were on a mission to impress the judges with their signature style. True to form, Team Yellow pulled off another stand out space. Their generous kitchen island, stylish scullery and thoughtfully placed storage certainly gave them a competitive edge. Unfortunately, their custom-made table and oversized lighting were too rustic for the judges’ liking.

Claire and Agni envisioned big things for their kitchen but with such bold looks in their living room and outdoor area they needed to make sure all the spaces linked together cohesively. While Team Orange’s choice of colour was bold the judges thought it achieved the visual link they were after. Sadly all their efforts went to waste as they left the kitchen dusty, dirty and poorly finished. This rookie mistake let their final score down, and Claire and Agni now sit at the bottom of the table.

But in a weird twist of fate and thanks to a couple of midweek challenge wins, all the power has fallen into Claire and Agni’s hands. With two ‘minus ones’ and two ‘undos’ to play on the scoreboard, we’ll have to wait to see if the other teams want to buy into these game-changing cards.

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