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Inside The Block NZ outdoor terrace and winter garden room reveals

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With all their indoor spaces completed, it was time for The Block NZ teams to tackle their outdoor rooms this week

The Block NZ Stacy and Adam winter garden

It was outdoor terrace time on The Block NZ, or in Stacy and Adam’s case “winter garden week”. With no actual outdoor space in their apartment, team purple were tasked with transforming a space off their kitchen and living room into a room with a conservatory, outdoor feeling vibe.

Compared to previous years on The Block NZ, where teams battled to complete back and front yard transformations, these outdoor terraces seem relatively small.

Peter Wolfcamp made a few notable appearances this week. His first and most topical was telling the teams with terraces that they couldn’t put furniture on their decks for safety reasons. He then returned a couple of days later to confirm that, yes, they could, in fact, put furniture on their terraces. Next, he gave Ethan a Fire Engine soft-toy for his baby-to-be. And finally, turned up in a gold dinner jacket and took Lisa out for date night in apartment five. They ate Subway surrounded by colourful lights. It was as weird as it sounds.

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Stacy and Adam

Room score: 17.5 (Lizzi: 9 Jason: 8.5)
Cash spend: $20,918.96*

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It was another room reveal win for Stacy and Adam this week on The Block NZ. The judges loved their winter garden and said it was “another delightful space, beautifully finished, well thought out and a great use of colour.”

“Every week they keep on getting better and better,” said Jason.

Lizzi agreed, “what a fabulous space… it has a lot of character.”

Stacy and Adam’s original plan to install 20 pendant lights in the space was thankfully paired back to 10, but the judges’ weren’t fans. “They come down a little low and make the space feel shorter,” said Lizzi. “The plants feel a little ‘hoarderish’, but I can see where they were going with it.”

Overall, they thought it was a nice selling point for potential buyers and said Stacy and Adam’s apartment had come together beautifully.

Sophia and Mikaere

Room score: 15.5 (Lizzi: 8 Jason: 7.5)
Cash spend: $10,326.56*

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Fresh off their second room reveal win on The Block NZ, Sophia and Mikaere were determined to make it a third this week.

They had two outdoor terraces to complete; the northern terrace (pictured above), which has views over Kingsland, and the southern terrace, which looks out to Eden Park.

The judges were blown away by the panoramic views. “I’m just loving the views from up here, it’s fantastic,” said Jason.

Jason said the southern terrace could’ve done with some more plants, but he and Lizzi both liked the entertaining set-up Sophia and Mikaere had gone for.

“Both spaces are well thought out, well put together and both will wow potential buyers,” they said.

Lisa and Ribz

Room score: 14.5 (Lizzi: 7.5 Jason: 7)
Cash spend: $6,605.47*

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In a bid to make her terrace more appealing, all we heard from Lisa this week was “it’s the only covered terrace on The Block NZ”.

Whilst that might be true, it’s also the only terrace that doesn’t get any sun.

Lisa and Ribz were going for “super sexy luxury” and although the judges’ didn’t pick up on this specifically, they did think team yellow had created a well put together space that felt like an extension from the living room.

“I really like the chair, but it would’ve been nice to see two of them, it looks a bit lost here,” said Jason.

Ethan and Sam

Room score: 12.5 (Lizzi: 6.5 Jason: 6)
Cash spend: $3,857.47*

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A dwindling budget meant that Ethan and Sam built all their own furniture and tiled the outdoor terrace themselves this week. They were desperate for the win, but unfortunately, their terrace didn’t wow the judges.

“This is not telling a good story,” said Jason. “I’m really not loving the table, it just looks a little bit too rustic.”

Lizzi conceded that it “wasn’t a disaster” but agreed that the choice of table was a little disappointing and was a little underdressed.

The space needed more plants, they said. “It has great views and is a really sellable space, but is just a bit basic.”

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