The Block NZ teams reveal the first part of their outdoor areas

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Budget restrictions, ongoing drama and sneaky tactics kept the teams busy during outdoor week on The Block NZ. Get a closer look at all the room reveals and watch the judges’ comments below

The Block NZ teams reveal the first part of their outdoor areas

This week on The Block NZ, it was crucial for the contestants to nail the first stage of transforming their building site into an outdoor oasis. Just as kitchens and bathrooms sell houses; having an outdoor space for entertaining, especially in land-strapped Auckland, is a definite way to increase the value of a house.

The contestants breathed a collective sigh of relief to find out that tough judge Jason was away on a business trip this week. Replacing him was RadioLive presenter and landscape designer Tony Morrell. While he and regular judge Kristina Rapley had lots of positive feedback their scoring left some of the teams feeling a bit deflated – even Amy and Stu received their lowest score on The Block this season.

The playing field wasn’t exactly even this week with Ben & Tom and Chlo & Em receiving a strict budget of $5000 in order to curb their overspending. The teams had to hustle hard and get their hands dirty to stretch their budget as far as possible. Both teams came well under budget spending $2723 and $2090 respectively.

The judges commended Ben and Tom on their well-finished deck but their lack of styling, unfortunately, let them down yet again. Chlo and Em on the hand impressed the judges with their well-dressed table and choice of plants. They may have got styling down pat but the judges felt the space lacked in practicality.

Claire and Agni were feeling cashed-up and positive following their win last week for their living room. The Hamilton couple decided to switch things up and moved their entertainment area from the patio to the larger space reserved for “outdoor week”. The judges loved the addition of a frosted glass privacy wall but felt Claire and Agni’s styling was a bit overboard. “It’s a little bit in your face,” says Kristina. “I think it needs a little bit more refining and then I think it will be spot on.”

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Amy and Stu’s ongoing feud with Claire and Agni continued to rumble on this week. Fuelled by the way they lost out on winning living room week when Claire and Agni played a ‘minus one’ on the scoreboard. Despite the drama, the Gizzy couple got on with completing their “old meets new” brief and, true to form, impressed the judges.

With so many high scores and room reveal wins under their toolbelt, it came as a slight surprise when Tony scored Amy and Stu a 7.5. But it was all evened out with Kristina’s score of 8.5, and the team went on to take home yet another room reveal win.

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