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Inside this week’s risky kitchen reveals on The Block NZ

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Encouraged to go bold this week on The Block NZ, the teams took some risky choices for their kitchen designs. Did they pay off? Check out the room reveals below

After last week’s disastrous, and hard to watch, scoring, the judges decided to stage an intervention with the teams this week. They emplored them to think about the walls, floors and ceilings as design elements and challenged them to use colour, make bold, risky decisions and to go all out on texture for their kitchens.

Basically, the message was “go bold, or go home”. And the kitchens are indeed bold, risky, full of texture, colour and, let’s say, unique design choices.

The judges loved them. Stacy and Adam’s black and white and orange kitchen got them the win, whilst Sophia and Mikaere’s chic all-white kitchen landed them bottom place.

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Stacy and Adam

Room score: 18.5/20 (Jason: 8.5, Lizzi: 9, plus 1 extra point)
Cash spend: $24,382.58*

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Emboldened by the judges’ advice to “go bold”, Stacy went all out in the design department this week. Much to “minimalist” Adam’s objection. But Stacy got to say a smug “I told you so” because the judges loved their monochrome kitchen with pops of orange.

“I’m impressed,” said Jason. “They’ve actually listened to us.”

Stacy and Adam The Block NZ kitchen

They loved the wallpaper and said it was a great graphic point of difference that added “whimsical playfulness”.

The $500 coloured hands, which caused the most debate between Stacy and Adam this week, were little nuggets of gold in the judges’ eyes. They thought they were quirky and added great colour to the monochromatic scheme. Overall they said it was an “exceptional kitchen.”

Stacy and Adam The Block NZ kitchen

Lisa and Ribz

Room score: 17.5/20 (Jason: 8, Lizzi: 8.5, plus 1 extra point)
Cash spend: $24,931.70*

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Thanks to Sophia and Mikaere, Lisa and Ribz won a game-changing prize this week (the ability to swap their challenge creation with someone else). So, Lisa decided to “not lie” about it and tell everyone that they had won the ability to take a room reveal win off another team (which is also known as, a lie).

More drama between teams blue, yellow and purple this week also led Lisa to explain that she and team purple (Stacy and Adam) aren’t in an alliance, but instead they’re “just working together to help each other in the game”. Sounds like an alliance to us, hon.

Like Stacy and Adam, they took the judges’ advice to heart and went bold with their kitchen design, pairing matt black cabinetry with electric blue pressed metal wall coverings.

Their efforts won them second place. The judges said it was the best room they had done so far. Jason loved the mirrored splashback and thought it was a “lovely, luxurious kitchen”.

Ethan and Sam

Room score: 16.5/20 (Jason: 7.5, Lizzi: 8, plus 1 extra point)
Cash spend: $29,365.21*

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It was another chance for redemption this week and Ethan and Sam weren’t going to let this one getaway. They listened to what the judges and Shelley had to say about their design ideas, and their efforts paid off, for it was a respectable third place for the boys this week (and no 1’s).

Ethan and Sam The Block NZ kitchen

The judges thought the boys’ choice of tile was inspired. Lizzi loved the industrial shelves made by Sam, and to everyone’s surprise, Jason loved them too.

“I’m stunned, I’m actually stunned,” said Lizzi. “I think they’ve done a really good job.”

Ethan and Sam The Block NZ kitchen

The only thing they didn’t love in the room was the brown paint on the walls, but it is, arguably, an easy fix. Overall, they said it was Ethan and Sam’s best room so far.

Sophia and Mikaere

Room score: 13.5/20 (Jason: 6.5, Lizzi: 7)
Cash spend: $19,908.57*

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Having not seen a win since week one, Sophia and Mikaere were desperate to win this week. Like the other teams, they decided to take a risk. But unlike the other teams, they opted for all-white, instead of all-out colour and pattern.

Sophia and Mikaere The Block NZ kitchen

The judges’ loved it, but it was Sophia and Mikaere’s finishing that seemed to let them down on the day.

“I think it’s a really lovely, bright, clean, beautiful kitchen,” he said. “I’m loving the multi-dimensional tile and I love the fact they’re using texture.”

Sophia and Mikaere The Block NZ kitchen

Despite telling Sophia and Mikaere they could take out the competition, the kitchen wasn’t good enough for the judges to award them first place, or second, or third.

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