The Block NZ House 3: Alex & Corban

This talented married couple created a harmonious balance between luxury and eco-conscious design.

The couple

Having designed and built a spectacular house in Muriwai out of shipping containers, these guys knew they could put their complementary skills to use again on The Block NZ. “I manage the tradies and make sure everything is progressing and the practical stuff is finished,” says Corban, 32, a mechanical engineer. “And Alex plans all the design, fittings and furnishings.” They love to work with unusual patterns, textures and materials. “I’ve always worked in fashion [as a buyer],” says Alex, “so the decor is very much a part of my personality.”

The big picture

Alex and Corban kept things simple yet refined, softening their abundant use of white with natural tones. “We wanted to create something elegant and hit the high end of the market because that’s where Pt Chev is heading,” says Corban. “But it had to look unique and not like it came out of a furniture catalogue.” Alex spent a lot of time sourcing products, and the couple built much of the furniture themselves. They also splashed out on making the house as eco-friendly as possible, by harnessing solar energy and incorporating a central heating gas system. “We can guarantee this house will have an almost zero power bill,” says Alex.

The finishing touches

Brass, marble and copper are used as accents throughout, from clocks to ornaments and light fittings. “We wanted to show what you could do with different materials and textures,” says Alex. “I think brass is the new copper.”


Words by: Rebecca Barry Hill
Photography by: Scott McAulay
Interior Designer: Alex & Corban

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