This is why garage week is such a game-changer on The Block NZ

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One team is torn between “money and morals” this week on The Block NZ. We find out why the garage room reveal is such a game-changer.

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This is why garage week is such a game-changer on The Block NZ

This week on The Block NZ the teams tackled their garage and storage. While functionality was the name of the game, the teams needed to get creative to impress the style-focussed judges.

Unfortunately, the judges weren’t the only thing the teams have to worry about this week. Block Stars – The Block NZ’s live variety show, was back for another year with the contestants battling it out in order to win $10,000 worth of labour and the ability to eliminate another team from this week’s room reveal.

Chlo and Em managed to nab the impressive prize with their comedy clown act and it wasn’t long before the other teams were trying to cut sneaky deals with the girls on who they should eliminate.

Despite having this game-changing power in their back pocket, Chlo and Em decided to try and stay under a $5000 budget in order to save money for kitchen week. The simple space was a bit too basic for the judges and they thought their lack of storage was a missed opportunity. Kristina said she understood they were saving money but was disappointed by their efforts at this stage in the game.

This kind of disappointing feedback is usually reserved for Ben and Tom, who now hold the unfortunate record of four unfinished rooms. After receiving a much-needed cash injection from winning the team judging, the guys decided to keep things simple and focus on actually completing this room reveal. Their pared-back and practical style may have let Ben and Tom down in previous weeks but it worked wonders in the garage, with tough-judge Jason Bonham awarding them their highest score ever.

Thanks to week upon week of room reveal wins, Amy and Stu’s budget balance is looking pretty healthy. Their deep pockets allowed them to complete structural changes that would allow access to their storage through the laundry – a decision that was well received by the judges. In a bid to make their space stand out from the other houses, the Gizzy duo decided to line their walls in plywood plating. They knew their risky choice wouldn’t fly with Jason but as the team most likely to be booted off this week’s room reveal Amy and Stu probably didn’t care.

Speaking of risks, Claire and Agni took a major one this week by losing their storage space to create a secret fourth bedroom. The judges were unsure about the decision and it will be interesting to see what future buyers will think of the space. While the judges loved Amy and Stu’s choice of sunny yellow in their landing they felt that Claire and Agni’s yellow and blue bedspread combo seemed a little dated. The Hamilton couple were the only team to use colour in their garage but their sloppy finishing left them will a mediocre score of 5.5 from Jason.


All this game playing has made us realise The Block NZ contestants look oddly familiar. Check out our video above and scroll to get a closer look at this week’s room reveals below.


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