The Block NZ: Week 9 garage and laundry room reveal

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The teams gave a whole new meaning to the word garage this week with their plush yet practical spaces. Watch the judges score the teams and see how they fared


The Block NZ: Week 9 garage and laundry room reveal

This week it was all about the garage as the DIY duos raced to put their best foot forward in this tricky space.

True to form, each team took a different approach with Andy and Nate going all out, adding a home gym to their garage and sticking to a black and white colour palette to keep it all consistent. The judges rewarded their hard work by giving them the top scores for the week, again, putting the brothers-in-law in the lead.

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Meanwhile, Stace and Yanita took an artistic approach by adding flower decals and other decorative touches to their garage and laundry, which featured a pop of blue alongside the white, grey and black tones.

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Ling and Zing went for natural ply throughout their garage and laundry, adding a barn door to complete the look. With a recessed work space and mirrored splashback, the boys almost took it out – but Andy and Nate just edged them out with half a point.

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Twins Julia and Ali also took a leap of faith by adding striking tool cartoons on one of the ply walls in their garage, although the judges had mixed reviews about the overall effect of the room.

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