Lessons from The Block NZ bathrooms with Shelley Ferguson

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If you watch the room reveals each week and you’re left wondering “how do I get this look right at home?” then you’ll want to check this out. Shelley shares some expert advice from the bathrooms on The Block NZ


Lessons from The Block NZ bathrooms with Shelley Ferguson

Each week on The Block NZ the judges stride through the room reveals commenting on what looks work and what looks don’t. If you’re like us and are often left wondering “but what IS the right way to style that room?” fear not. We sat down with The Block Challenge Host Shelley Ferguson get some expert advice and find out how to recreate these bathroom trends (successfully) at home.

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Andy and Nate: How to nail a black bathroom

Andy and Nate’s black bathroom wasn’t well received by the judges and the Hamilton lads toppled from first place quicker than Jason could say “public toilet tiles”. The scattered effect and matte black finish was too overwhelming, and pushed controversy levels higher than Jamie and Hayden’s black kitchen from Season 4. Although black bathrooms can be polarising Shelley says that if they’re done correctly they can be stunning. She shares tips for creating a striking space:

  • Try black streaked marble tiles
  • Team black tiles with gold or brushed bronze tapware
  • Keep your base white and add a black bath, basin, tapware and toilet
  • Add a black and white statement tile to one section of the bathroom

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Julia and Ali: How to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom

After a disastrous first week, Julia and Ali redeemed themselves with a glamorous bathroom that still managed to stay practical. The small and windowless bathrooms on The Block NZ don’t offer much to work with but Julia and Ali’s choice of tiles, tapware and accessories highlight how basic choices can add a touch of luxury to any space. Shelley reveals some on trend tricks to add glamour to your bathroom:

  • Mix grey marble tiles and gold tapware.
  • Use creative tile shapes to add a statement. Diamond and fish scale tiles are right on trend.
  • If you have the room try adding a little makeup station.
  • Good lighting is key. Mix statement pendants with task lighting and down lights in the ceiling.
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Ling and Zing: How to achieve a Scandinavian aesthetic in your bathroom

Ling and Zing’s bathroom uses a minimal palette of grey, white and wood. This Scandinavian-inspired design is a versatile look that’s easily applied to most homes. The problem with Ling and Zing’s bathroom was the tiles, vanity, basin and mirror were all square which created too many straight lines and sharp corners. If you want recreate this in your own home try a round mirror or curved basin and bath to soften the look and stop it feeling too harsh.

Quality storage will also help you keep your bathroom feeling uncluttered which will add to that minimal Scandinavian aesthetic.  Any accessories you add, try materials with a close connection to nature such as wood or woven baskets. Add some depth and interest to this look with some greenery. If you choose the right variety, plants are an easy way to add a pop of colour to a neutral bathroom.

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Stace and Yanita: How to create an urban retreat style bathroom

Thanks to our busy lives and pressure on our time, bathrooms are increasingly becoming a living space for personal pampering. Stace and Yanita’s bathroom is the perfect example of the urban retreat style that we’re seeing a lot of in bathroom design. Whether your building new or looking to bring this restful vibe to your current bathroom Shelley rounds up ways you can create a place to enjoy some respite from the day-to-day grind.

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