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Inside The Block NZ’s intense apartment 5 room reveal

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This week The Block NZ teams had to band together to create a cohesive look inside apartment five, as well as dealing with Dinner Wars drama. We take a look inside the explosive room reveals. 

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After a week of feuding, the teams had to put, or try to put, their troubles aside and work together to finish apartment five. Amy and Stu had already completed the bathroom in this apartment, so it was up to the teams to create the kitchen and dining (Sophia and Mikaere), living room (Stacy and Adam), bedroom and hallway (Ethan and Sam) and laundry and the second bedroom (Lisa and Ribz).

To add fuel to the fire, or drama as it were, this week on The Block NZ it was Dinner Wars time.

Drama ensued and strategic scoring was on everyone’s minds. But despite this, and the added pressure of having to complete their incomplete bathrooms (or risk disqualification from this week’s room reveal), the teams managed to complete a cohesive, well-finished apartment.

But did the judges think so? The moral of the story this week was “boring, beige and predictable”. And as for who has won? We’ll have to wait until Monday to find out.

Until then, check out all the photos from the room reveals below

Stacy & Adam

Cash spend: $6,676.50

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Stacy and Adam were given the living room to complete in apartment five this week and the judges were impressed with their efforts. They loved the avocado tongue and groove feature wall and thought the styling was really well done.

The Block NZ Stacy and Adam living room reveal

However, Jason felt the space had been underutilised. He wished they had put in more storage and changed the orientation of the couch. Lizzi agreed, adding “I’m not a fan of making the TV the central focal point.” The mirrors on the wall and the pendants hung adjacent to the TV were also misses.

The Block NZ Stacy and Adam living room reveal

Sophia & Mikaere

Cash spend: $7,044.04

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After being disqualified from scoring last week for cheating, Sophia and Mikaere had a lot to prove this week. They were very happy to be given the kitchen and dining in apartment five to complete. “Kitchens sell houses”, after all, and it was a good opportunity for them to make a statement. Unfortunately, the judges thought they missed the mark.

The Block NZ Sophia and Mikaere kitchen

They said the space had a good feeling about it and that the styling was done really well. But, they hated their choice of tile and pendant light, and bemoaned the lack of storage.

The Block NZ Sophia and Mikaere kitchen

“For me, there are two things in this room that immediately grab me,” said judge Jason Bonham. “And it’s those ugly wooden shelves.”

“I think they’ve done an average job,” said judge Lizzi Whaley.

Lisa & Ribz

Cash spend: $8,150.82

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Fresh off a win for master bedroom week, Lisa and Ribz were pretty confident they had this week in the bag too. Taking inspiration from Amy and Stu’s bathroom and chanting the mantra “What Would Amy Do”, Lisa chose to decorate the room in Jason’s favourite colour: pink.

“There’s just too much pink in here,” said Jason. Whose first impression of the room was “underwhelming and boring.”

The Block NZ Lisa and Ribz's bedroom

Lizzi said it was good to see a headboard, but the colour was all wrong and it didn’t work with the terracotta colour shceme. “If you took all the furniture out, there is not a lot left,” she said.

The Block NZ Lisa and Ribz's bedroom

And as for the laundry? The judges thought it was acceptable. They would’ve loved to see a bit more storage and some paint or wallpaper to give it colour and interest.

The Block NZ Lisa and Ribz's laundry

“You’re not pushing the boat out enough, it feels like you’re just ticking boxes,” they said.

Ethan & Sam

Cash score: $6,484.68

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It was another redemption week for Ethan and Sam, who wanted to prove they could create a beautiful room after scoring 6/40 last week. They worked hard on creating a feature out of the brick wall and designing their own glass shelf. They also decided to swap roles this week, with Ethan taking on the styling job.

“This could’ve been great” were Jason’s first words. “They could’ve added some great lighting, paired it with some lovely colours and made it a really rich, moody, sexy room. Instead, we’ve got a white room, a grey curtain and a beige bed. I don’t think this team is getting any better.”

The Block NZ Ethan and Sam bedroom

Lizzi tried to deliver a compliment sandwich, but could only find one thing to commend; “I do like the fact they actually have something interesting in here. But I do think it’s really lacklustre.”

And as for the hall, one art piece on the wall wasn’t a lot to judge, and they didn’t even like the piece.

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