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Inside The Block NZ drama-filled re-do week

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It’s redemption week on The Block NZ as the teams choose one room in their completed apartments to re-do. See how they went below

The Block NZ 2019 re-do week room reveals

There was a lot at stake this week on The Block NZ. The teams were tasked with re-doing one of their previous rooms. The catch? If they don’t score higher than their previous score, they have to pay back the $10,000 budget given to them for this week’s task.

Naturally, it becomes highly stressful for the teams. No-one wants to give back the $10,000 and they’re all determined to win. As Stacy points out, “it’s essentially a $17,000 prize.”

Unfortunately, because of another cliffhanger, we don’t get to see who takes it out just yet.

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Sophia and Mikaere

Room score: TBC (Lizzi: ? Jason: 10)
Cash spend: $8,545.59*

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Sophia and Mikaere chose to re-do their living room this week on The Block NZ. A no-brainer considering the judges’ comments from week seven; “This room could be exceptional… it should be high on your list for re-do week.”

They took down the anaglypta wallpaper, re-painted the walls, installed a fireplace and re-gigged the layout.

The Block NZ 2019 re-do week room reveals

The judges were blown away, “finally!” they said, “a room you can be proud of.” They said it was the best finishing they’d seen from team blue and thought the layout of the furniture was “absolutely perfect”.

“It’s cohesive, it’s luxurious, it’s beautiful,” said Jason.

The Block NZ 2019 re-do week room reveals

Both judges said it was a space they would be happy to live in themselves. It was, therefore, a well-deserved 10 from Jason, and with Lizzi’s score still to come, we can only hope that these two won’t be disqualified for moving their dining table into their living room space.

Stacy and Adam

Room score: TBC (Lizzi: ? Jason: 9)
Cash spend: $10,011.07*

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Stacy and Adam were after a Block record this week, hoping to make their winning streak extend to five. They didn’t make it easy for themselves, choosing to re-do their guest bedroom from week 1, which they got a relatively high score of 13 for.

The judges’ first impression when they walked in was that the room had a beautiful, restful, well balanced, well-presented, cohesive look to it.

The Block NZ 2019 re-do week room reveals

“Thank you for removing the terracotta paint on the bricks,” they said.

They loved the geometric wallpaper, the pendant lights and the colour palette of the room.

The Block NZ 2019 re-do week room reveals

Jason and Lizzi said Stacy and Adam had “exceeded expectations, yet again.”

With a score of nine from Jason so far, these two are still in the running to take out yet another win. Watch this space.

Lisa and Ribz

Room score: TBC (Lizzi: ? Jason: 7)
Cash spend: $2,731.25*

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Last week’s entrance, hallway and laundry was the chosen target for Lisa and Ribz’ re-do room. Determined to bring a bit more “flair” to the space, #lisasoutthegate was back in full force.

The Block NZ 2019 re-do week room reveals

After umm-ing and ahh-ing about the brushstroke gold wall, it was eventually decided it had to go. In its place, they installed a dark blue wallpaper.

Unsurprisingly, a good decision. “I am so damn happy to see that gold paint gone,” said Jason as soon as he walked into the space.

The Block NZ 2019 re-do week room reveals

“Thank goodness it’s gone,” Lizzi said.

They liked the addition of the antique mirror wall and they thought the blue wallpaper gave the room a nice “moodiness”.

Ethan and Sam

Room score: TBC (Lizzi: ? Jason: 6)
Cash spend: $6,942.18*

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No one was surprised that Ethan and Sam decided to re-do their kid’s bedroom from week two on The Block NZ. It was a disaster.

With only a score of three to beat, it looked like an easy task for the boys this week. Until they chose an electric blue, fire engine red and grey colour scheme.

The Block NZ 2019 re-do week room reveals

A risky move perhaps, but one that paid off. The judges thought the colours worked well and added some more interest to the room.

“Thank goodness those bunkbeds are gone,” said Lizzi. “Not only were they built poorly, but this layout adds so much space to the room.”

The Block NZ 2019 re-do week room reveals

With a score of six from Jason, Ethan and Sam have already achieved a higher score than they did week two. So, although it may not be a room reveal win for team orange, they still get to keep that $10,000, which is a relief for their dwindling budget.

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