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Inside The Block NZ contentious living room reveals

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Desperation reached new heights this week on The Block NZ as the teams battled to complete their living and media rooms. See the judges scores and all the photos below

The Block NZ plank challenge 2019

It’s living and media room time on The Block NZ, and this week delivered generously in the drama department. Not only did the teams have to pick a fabric for each other to present somewhere in their rooms (to be judged) but it was also time for the famed “Walk the Plank” challenge (where the contestants build a plank and balance on the end for 30 seconds).

Stacy and Adam took out the challenge with their relatively short, but undeniably sturdy plank. Lisa and Ribz delivered an uninspiring performance; Lisa dared to take two steps on the plank before doubling back. Ribz made a slightly better attempt and managed to get halfway down their plank before falling off.

Ethan at least made it all the way to the end of his and Sam’s plank, but unfortunately, an unstable structure let them down (literally) and sent Ethan into the pool.

Sophia and Mikaere were all that stood between Stacy and Adam, and victory. Their mammoth plank promised to break Block records, all they had to do was to stay on it for 30 seconds. Light-as-a-feather Sophia made it all the way to the end easily, but she got severe leg shakes and was unable to let go on the plank with her hands. She retreated and allowed Miakere to have a go. This was a mistake. The plank could not support not-so-feather-light Mikaere, and he was sent into the pool too.

Another challenge win to Stacy and Adam (and the other teams still don’t see them as a threat?)

But what is on everyone’s minds is how they all fared in the judging of their living room reveals. Unfortunately, we’re left with another cliffhanger. So before we get to find out whether Ethan and Sam have finally won their first room, scroll down and take a look at all the living rooms from this week and the judges’ initial reactions.

Lisa and Ribz

Room score: TBC (Lizzi: 7)
Cash spend: $20,786.18*

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Will there ever be a week on The Block NZ when Lisa doesn’t deliver on the drama front? Unlikely.

This week all we heard was; “#Lisasoutthegate” (from Lisa herself). It was used in abundance in reference to her gold, “brushstroke detail” feature wall. She loved it. The judges did not.

Lisa and Ribz' living room The Block NZ

“It just looks really cheap, very tacky and very bogan,” said Jason. “Some of these choices of art are just very angry, and it’s just awful on this gold, bogan wall. The only thing missing is some heavy metal music.”

Lisa and Ribz living room The Block NZ

“I would tell them to repaint it immediately,” said Lizzi.

Ethan and Sam

Room score: TBC (Lizzi: 8)
Cash spend: $20,490.51* 

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This week Ethan spent most of his time at Resene, trying to work out what colour to paint the living room in place of the infamous brown they used last week.

The Block NZ living room reveals 2019 Ethan and Sam

These hours paid off because the judges loved the sage green he chose. “Here we see a huge improvement,” said Jason. “They’ve actually used wallpaper, they’ve got rid of that awful brown colour, they’ve put this lovely green in and it’s really given the room a sense of warmth.”

The Block NZ living room reveals 2019 Ethan and Sam

“A top job,” said Lizzi. “This is shaping up to be a really lovely apartment.”

The boys earned the top score from Lizzi this week – but will it be enough to get them the win with everyone else playing their ‘plus ones’ and extra points? We will have to cross our fingers and see.

Sophia and Mikaere

Room score: TBC (Lizzi: 6.5)
Cash spend
: $16,600.43

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Another disappointing week for Sophia and Mikaere, their ambitious plans allowing another win to get away from them because of poor finishing and bad time management.

The Block NZ living room reveals 2019 Sophia and Miakere

The judges, like all the previous weeks on The Block NZ, seemed torn between actually liking what Sophia and Miakere had done, but having to score harshly because of the bad quality.

“Overall a great concept and a very sophisticated feel,” said Jason. “It should be high on your list for re-do week because it could be incredible if done right.”

The Block NZ living room reveals 2019 Sophia and Miakere

Both Lizzi and Jason were unsure about the back-to-back sofa layout and weren’t sold on the anaglypta wallpaper. But they loved the bar, the panelled storage cupboards and the sophisticated styling.

Stacy and Adam

Room score: TBC (Lizzi: 7)
Cash spend: $36,732.76*

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The only team with two rooms to complete this week (living room and media room), Stacy and Adam were full steam ahead from the get-go. Their living room had a fairly straight forward approach; continue the black and white wallpaper from the kitchen, install a fireplace and furnish with the relevant furniture.

The Block NZ living room reveals 2019 Stacy and Adam

The judges thought it was a great space, they loved the fireplace and thought the choice to continue the wallpaper into the living room was genius.

They weren’t so enamoured with the media room. “The wallpaper is not doing it for me,” said Lizzi Whaley. “I feel like I’m in a concrete bunker. The finishing is immaculate, but that’s about the best thing for me, sorry.”

The Block NZ living room reveals 2019 Stacy and Adam

They thought the room felt cold and the layout could’ve have been better. On the plus side, they loved the little animals Stacy made out of the ugly purple fabric Sophia had given her for the give-and-take challenge and awarded them the winning extra point.

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