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Inside The Block NZ hallway, entrance and laundry room reveals

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With a marathon effort, The Block NZ teams finished their last interior rooms this week. Take a look inside all the photos from the hallway, entrance and laundry room reveals

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With their hallways, entrances and laundries finished this week, The Block NZ teams finally completed the interior of their apartments. But this wasn’t the only exciting thing to happen, for it was time for The Block Stars. We saw Ethan and Sam (well, really only Sam) rap about The Block NZ teams, Lisa and Ribz perform a circus act, Stacy and Adam attempt to do comedy and Sophia and Mikaere dance a weirdly smoochy salsa.

The Block NZ Block Stars

Stacy and Adam were the best out of a bad lot and were awarded the win, which came with the power to eliminate one team from judging this week. They, of course, choose to eliminate Sophia and Mikaere. But, as it turned out, they didn’t need to. Stacy and Adam scored a record 20/20 for their entrance, hallway, laundry and stairs, whilst Sophia and Mikaere hit rock bottom with a total of 7/20.

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Stacy and Adam

Room score: 20 (Lizzi: 10. Jason: 10)
Cash spend: $36,497.89*

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Stacy and Adam’s journey on The Block NZ is going from strength to strength. This week they took out Block Stars, took out the room reveal win, achieved a perfect score from the judges and achieved four-room reveal wins in a row (not even Amy and Stu got that last year).

What’s more, they managed to do all that with the biggest amount of work to complete this week; they had the hallway, laundry, entrance and a huge staircase to get done before judging.

Their hard work paid off because the judges loved it. “This is fabulous,” said Lizzi Whaley. She and Jason Bonham thought Stacy and Adam had absolutely nailed it. They loved the black and white wallpaper, the antique glass mirror panels, they thought the storage under the stairs was genius and couldn’t get enough of the white ply panelling.

“It’s beautifully done, well finished and well-detailed,” they said.

Ethan and Sam

Room score: 12.5 (Lizzi: 6.5. Jason: 6)
Cash spend: $20,356.72*

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The boys achieved second place this week but the judges’ feedback was a mixed bag of reactions.

They hated the entranceway, with Ethan’s hand-painted Gatsby-ish feature wall and bambi print. “I don’t think I’ve ever walked into an entrance feeling so depressed,” said Jason.

But the hallway was a different story, they loved the full-height storage and the colour they chose for the wall.

They thought the laundry was a fabulous big space with a good tile choice. Overall, they said it was a pretty good job, it was just a shame that the entrance lacked a bit of “mood and atmosphere.”

Lisa and Ribz

Room score: 12.5 (Lizzi: 6. Jason: 5)
Cash spend: $18.241.27*

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This week Lisa brought more drama to The Block NZ, but it wasn’t directed at the other teams for once. A disagreement between Lisa and Ribz over Lisa’s choice of a bright pink and gold entrance way caused a rift between the two that ended in Lisa refusing to do any of the work this week and threatening to leave the show.

This left Ribz to do all the shopping and choose a colour for the walls himself, and needless to say, it didn’t go well. The judges weren’t fans of the green he chose to use in the entrance. “It’s far too predictable, and they’ve already used it before!” said Jason. “It’s flat and lifeless.”

The hallway wasn’t well-received either; “It just doesn’t hit the mark, it’s not executed well and it’s not clean,” said Lizzi.

Their laundry ticked all the right boxes, but didn’t inspire. Overall, Jason and Lizzi said it was an average, safe space that felt a bit lifeless.

Sophia and Mikaere

Room score: 7 (Lizzi: 4. Jason: 3)
Cash spend: $20,474.63*

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Despite their plans to pull off an amazing, well-finished room this week, Sophia and Mikaere instead received their worst score so far on The Block NZ. Again, Lizzi said “my one request for these guys is to please give us something that is actually finished, let us give you actual marks.”

The judges loved the entrance, Sophia and Miakere’s choice of dramatic black and white Italian tiles and the bespoke tiled bench was a “masterstroke” they said.

“Fab floor and a great bench, I absolutely love the combo of these two, they look absolutely genius together,” said Jason.

The colour palette and heritage features used in the hallway was nice continuity to the rest of the house, but once again their “great ideas” were overshadowed because of the poor execution, Jason and Lizzi said. They are worried about how much work Sophia and Mikaere have to do to actually complete their apartment.

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