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Inside The Block NZ foyer and stairwell room reveals

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With all the interior spaces within the apartments completed, the teams were tasked with finishing the communal stairwell and foyer this week on The Block NZ. See the results below

The Block NZ Sophia and Mikaere

This week on The Block NZ the teams were required to band together to create a cohesive look for the communal foyer and staircase inside their apartment building.

Sophia and Mikaere

Room score: 11.5 (Lizzi: 6.5, Jason: 6)
Cash spend:

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Sophia and Mikaere continued their elegant and sophisticated look this week. The judges were impressed, “this is the only bit of luxury we’ve seen in the entire stairwell,” said judge Jason Bonham.

They said it was nice to see some detail added to the front door, but they weren’t really fans of the plaster picture frames.

The pendant was a good choice and had nice continuity with the pendant used by Lisa and Ribz downstairs. Jason thought the bench seat was a nice colour and size, and a practical space to put your shoes on before you headed out.

Although their finishing, as always, wasn’t up to standard, it was good enough to help them secure the win.

Ethan and Sam

Room score: 4 (Lizzi: 2, Jason: 2)
Cash spend:

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The worst part of the lads’ week was having to make good on their deal to give Lisa and Ribz a foot massage. But, their week improved indefinitely with the arrival of family to help them get the apartment into ship shape.

This week was the final chance for the boys to score a room reveal win. But it wasn’t going to happen. “I kind of hoped they were going to have a ‘wow’ moment today,” said Lizzi.

“They’ve been getting better and better… and here we are, and they have disappointed us,” said Jason. “I know they have the very best intentions, but their design skills fall a little short.”

They thought the old fire station artwork was a nice idea, but it was too small for the stairwell wall. And the orange front door? Lizzi and Jason both thought it was a “really, really bad choice”.

“It’s like a door from a pre-school, not a high-end apartment,” said Jason. Who also questioned why anyone would want to sit in the stairwell and read a magazine when he saw the chair and stool set up outside their front door.

Stacy and Adam

Room score: 8.5 (Lizzi: 4.5, Jason: 4)
Cash spend:

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Stacy and Adam had two stairwells to complete this week. They went for a bold fire-engine red for the front door as an homage to the original station, which the judges’ loved, but the aubergine colour Stacy and Adam used for the landing did not sit well with Jason and Lizzi.

“This team have created incredibly good designs, so this is just so not like them,” said Lizzi.

Ironically, the judges said Stacy and Adam should’ve consulted more with Lisa and Ribz (who they share the space with), to create a more cohesive look, which is exactly what these two teams thought they had done.

They thought the striped glass artwork was a terrible choice, “there was no consideration with the rest of the space, it competes with the wallpaper and clashes badly with the art from apartment two.”

“It’s a huge letdown,” they said. In fact, the only thing they liked was the red front door.

Lisa and Ribz

Room score:  4 (Lizzi: 2, Jason: 2)
Cash spend:

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Lisa and Ribz were given the foyer and the entrances to theirs and Stacy and Adam’s apartments to do this week. They chose a graphic white wallpaper and round pendant light as the standout features in their space.

“Well, I think this falls short of my expectations,” was Jason’s first comment upon seeing the space.

Lisa decided to channel her inner Mikaere and created two bespoke artworks for the foyer. Utilising paint filler to construct a textured look, she then painted over with a gradient effect. They’re no longer in the foyer, which only attests to how badly they were received by the judges; “I’ve seen better art come out of a kindergarten,” said Jason. “It’s just not great.”

“It’s supposed to exude the presence and the nature of the building,” said Lizzi, “and I feel like we’ve just walked into a normal apartment block, this is supposed to be luxury.”

They thought the blue and red was far too loud and clashed with the wallpaper, which they also thought was too small in scale for the space.

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