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Inside The Block NZ’s worst bathroom week ever

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Week three of The Block NZ resulted in some of the worst results in Block history, we round up why it all went so terribly wrong

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Bathroom week on The Block NZ is known as one of the toughest room reveals to pull off, but this year the teams certainly seemed to crumble under the pressure. With three of the five teams not even coming close to completing their bathrooms, this week has been described as the most disastrous room reveals in Block history.

The week kicked off with the shock return of reigning Block champions Amy and Stu. They joined this week as Team Black to makeover the bathroom of apartment five. Known for winning the most room reveals ever and achieving a perfect 20/20 for their bathroom last season, Amy and Stu’s return was met with mixed reactions. The other teams lamented that they definitely didn’t stand a chance this week. “I’m not excited. Because we won’t win, we can’t,” Stacy whispered to Adam.

Sophia and Mikaere, however, remained determined to prove to the judges that they have what it takes. But as it became evident that they were Amy and Stu’s main competition, Amy happily stirred up some trouble with an explosive confrontation with Mikaere and later ganged up on Sophia with Lisa about her plans knock down the walls of their kid’s room. Despite all the drama, Sophia and Mikaere ended up being the only current team to finish their bathroom.

Whether it was a mixture of bad luck and poor decision making or the teams just giving up once Amy and Stu arrived, one thing is for sure: this week’s room reveals are some the worst the judges have ever seen.

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Amy & Stu

Room score: 18.5/20 (Jason: 9.5, Lizzi: 9)
Total spend: $21,695

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Once again, Amy and Stu have proven why they’re the record holders for the most number of room reveal wins on The Block NZ. While they may have only been competing against Sophia and Mikaere, their choice of bold colour, statement artwork and gold fittings made their bathroom stand out.

Jason called the space elegant, clean and simple and both judges loved their use of colour through the pinky-red tiles and artwork. With an impressive score of 18.5/20, Amy and Stu bagged the room reveal win. Revelations of their tradies being on site after hours put Team Black’s win in doubt, but the Gizzy pair were cleared of any wrongdoing and got to pocket the $7,000 prize.

Sophia & Mikaere

Room score: 17/20 (Jason: 9, Lizzi: 8)
Total spend: $25,161

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Sophia and Mikaere took this week as an opportunity to prove themselves against last year’s winners, Amy and Stu. The judges were impressed from the moment they walked in with Jason saying the room felt like a “sellable bathroom”. In such a narrow space Sophia and Mikaere had to be precise with their layout and material choices and the judges noticed their efforts.”I think they’ve used this space incredibly well,” said Lizzi.

The race was tight and unfortunately, Sophia and Mikaere couldn’t quite get enough points to win.

Ethan & Sam

Room score: 3.5/20 (Jason: 2, Lizzi: 1.5)
Total spend: $16,089

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The only other team to get points on the board this week; Ethan and Sam were determined to improve on their dismal score for their kids’ bedroom. But with their tiler pulling out last minute, Ethan and Sam fell further and further behind and just couldn’t complete their bathroom.

Sadly, the judges didn’t like the features that Ethan and Sam did manage to finish. They thought the floor tile was too brown and didn’t go with the beige tiles on the wall and Jason wasn’t a fan of the sink and vanity combination. Better luck next time boys!

Stacy & Adam

Room score: 0
Total spend: $15,296

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Stacy and Adam decided to go for an Art Deco vibe for their bathroom and had their hearts set on a floor mounted tap for their bath. But with the existing plumbing not set up for this style of tapware they were told it would be impossible to get it all done in time. Not backing down from their vision, Stacy and Adam decided that they would just not finish.

The judges were shocked at how unfinished the bathroom was. “This is the first time this has actually happened,” Jason exclaimed. “I don’t understand what’s happened here.”

Lizzi was even less impressed saying, “It feels like they themselves have done nothing in here.”

Lisa & Ribz

Room score: 0
Total spend: $17,133

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Lisa and Ribz may talk a big game but they were the third team to not complete their bathroom this week. Their alternative choice of flooring, which needed to dry for 24 hours, left them with no time to complete anything else.

Lisa and Ribz’s plan was to create a high-end, luxe feeling bathroom so they left a mood board out for the judges to see their vision. But the judges weren’t a fan of their black and grey colour scheme. “It’s very generic,” said Jason. Lizzi also thought their choice of mirror belonged in a retirement home.

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