The Block NZ: Get a closer look at this week’s living room reveals

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This week’s living room reveals on The Block NZ was filled with bold colour, lots of layers and tonnes of texture. Scroll through our gallery for a closer look

The Block NZ: Get a closer look at this week’s living room reveals

Living room week on The Block NZ started on a sour note following the revelations of Amy and Stu cheating. After setting The Block NZ record for the most room reveals wins in a row it all came crashing down for the Gizzy duo when site foreman Peter Wolfkamp discovered their electrician working after ‘tools down’.

Amy and Stu were fined $5000 for this unfair advantage and were disqualified from the blank canvas room reveal – leaving Claire and Agni to go from bottom of the pack to finally taking home a win for their multi-use space.

This week the teams took note of the judges’ comments about colour and texture, and stepped their styling-game up in their living rooms. Claire and Agni wanted to go ‘big and bold’ and they certainly delivered with a luxurious colour palette of emerald green with gold and ruby accents. Judge Kristina Rapley said the room was the “best we’ve seen from this team.”

Amy and Stu didn’t let the drama dampen their DIY spirits for too long as they set about completing their self-assigned “cosy, organic” theme.  True to form, Team Yellow impressed the judges with their immaculate finishing and styling. Although Kristina did mention that the style was starting to get a bit ‘same-samey’ – could this mark the end of their winning formula?

Following last week’s disappointing results, Chlo and Em decided to design a room for themselves. However, the eclectic look left the judges’ opinions completely divided. Kristina loved the earthy, organic materials used while Jason thought the space looked “tacky and junky.”

One thing the judges could agree on was Ben and Tom’s improvement in styling. The cutting comments and dismal score the boys received last week for their incomplete landing area left them determined to make up for their lack of styling knowledge. Luckily their statement art piece, bright yellow feature wall and matching cushions worked a charm and the judges were won over.

Scroll to get a closer look and all the room reveals and watch to see what they judges thought of each space:


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