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Meet The Block NZ 2019 contestants Stacy and Adam

Article by Homes to Love

Stacy and Adam may be the youngest team on The Block NZ this year but with one reno under their belt already will they be the dark horse in the competition?

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Team purple is this year’s youngest duo. Social-influencer Stacy, 25, and Weta Workshop senior concept designer Adam, 25, have their design eyes on the prize. They say their ability to style and decorate will set them apart from the rest.

These born and bred Wellingtonians have previously dabbled in DIY on their own home with mixed results – they accidentally painted their house the wrong colour. (Hopefully, they’ve learnt!)

Adam hopes that Stacy’s love for drama is offset by her budgeting skills, time-management and attention to detail, whilst he’ll be bringing practicality and composure to get them through the 12 weeks.

Week 2: Kids bedroom

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Team purple went for a fun and whimsical kids bedroom this week on The Block NZ. Channelling their inner seven-year-old, they went all out with their subtle cosmic wallpaper and paired it with a colour palette of soft pastels of pink, blue and green.

The judges’ loved that it was cute with a reasonable level of sophistication, which was achieved through their considered use of white details to balance out the colour.

Room score: 16/20 (Jason: 8, Lizzi:8)
Total spend: $12,351

Week 1: Guest bedroom

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Stacy and Adam were third place runners with their modern-meets-heritage guest bedroom. Their colour palette consisted primarily of pale blue, navy blue, terracotta and pink. A few too many colours in the judges’ opinion.

Room score: 13/20 (Jason: 7, Lizzi:6)
Total spend: $13,701


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