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Inside Sophia and Mikaere’s elegant penthouse on The Block NZ

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Elegant and sophisticated are just some of the words to describe Sophia and Mikaere’s penthouse on The Block NZ, step inside and see for yourself

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Sophia and Mikaere started out with a bang on The Block NZ. Their sophisticated guest bedroom scored them the first room reveal win of the season and they were instantly touted as the ones to beat.

But, poor finishing, a disqualification for continuing after tools down and over-ambitious ideas meant they didn’t see another room reveal win until week 9; re-do week, where they wowed the judges and finally scored a perfect 20/20.

Sophia and Mikaere were delighted when they were given the penthouse in week one, with its incredible views over Eden Park and the city, they were determined to make it live up to its name – and they made some serious changes to the apartment in order to do so.

Unhappy with how small the master bedroom and ensuite were, Sophia and Mikaere made the decision early on to knock down their winning guest bedroom to make more room for the master suite; turning the penthouse from a three-bedroom into a two-bedroom. The master suite now boasts a large ensuite, walk-in-robe and lounge area.

An elegant bar features in the living room, where Parisian style meets modern finesse, and bold black and white Italian marble tiles make a statement in the entrance. The artsy duo have also put their stamp on the place by creating bespoke pieces for most rooms.

Although their goal to incorporate heritage features, such as panelling and archways, often lead to incomplete rooms, thanks to touch-up weeks and working into the night they’ve managed to produce a luxurious, elegantly styled penthouse apartment.

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