Shelley Ferguson talks hallway style from week three on The Block NZ

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The Block Challenge Host Shelley Ferguson sat down with Homes to Love to chat about the hallway style from the week three room reveals

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Shelley Ferguson talks hallway style from week three on The Block NZ

This week on The Block NZ, the teams were free to choose their own brief for the room reveal. With a diverse mixture of bedrooms, media room and study, the teams were also given the opportunity to reconfigure their floor plan. While each team focused on different design briefs for their room reveal, one part of the challenge they all had in common was completing their hallways.

Often an unloved and forgotten about part of the house, your hallway plays a much larger role in the overall look and feel of your home than you may think. We sat down with The Block NZ Challenge Host Shelley Ferguson to see how the teams did and to take a closer look at their final style.

Ling and Zing decided to alter their floor plan which resulted in a complicated, narrow hallway and the judges were unimpressed with the sloppy finish. Shelley’s big tip for a narrow space is to keep the floor free and focus on decorating the walls.

Andy and Nate continued their signature paint style through to their hallway, which impressed the judges and helped to liven up a space that can often be boring. Shelley says, “it’s the easiest, it’s the cheapest and it’s the quickest way to add impact to a hallway.”

Julia and Ali had a narrow hallway so they cleverly added a textured wallpaper in a neutral colour. The judges thought the wallpaper was elegant but Shelley cautions using bold patterns if you’ve only got a small space to work with.

Stace and Yanita had a tiny hallway with a lot of rooms coming off it. In such a transition space, Shelley says it’s best to keep the colour neutral and choose one larger piece of art instead of lots of smaller ones.

Check out our chat with Shelley to get all the inside info and her hallway style tips.

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