Check out all of Amy and Stu’s house on The Block NZ

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Team yellow, Amy and Stu, pulled off win after win this season on The Block NZ. See their sunshine yellow home below

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See inside all of Amy and Stu’s house on The Block NZ

From week one it was clear many had misjudged team yellow. Promoted as “the oldest team on The Block NZ“, ‘Gizzy Hard’ Amy and Stu, were quickly identified as the team to beat. The weeks ticked by and house four became a beacon for team yellow as Amy and Stu painted and decorated with the sunshine yellow hue Gisborne is known for.

Yellow became a winning colour both on the walls and on the scoreboard and as Gizzy Hard pocketed win after win, the other teams also adopted the yellow hue into their own homes.

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Amy and Stu were the perfect combination of style and skill and it was a recipe for success; judges Jason Bonham and Kristina Rapley struggled to find anything to criticise in team yellow’s punchy rooms packed with colour and pattern.

Challenge wins weren’t high on their list of achievements but their immaculate finishing and impeccable styling gave them the room reveal win most weeks. In fact, their few losses weren’t due to another team’s triumph but to technicalities; disqualification (having a tradie working after tools down during landing week) and receiving ‘minus ones’ from the other teams.

With their lowest score of 16 (for patio week) still giving them the win and two perfect 20s, two weeks in a row, team Gizzy Hard was a force to be reckoned with.

See their completed house below:


Words: Bea Taylor


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