Meet the teams of The Block NZ 2016: Niki and Tiff

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Niki (29) and Tiff (35) met when they were bridesmaids for one of their best friends. Tiff was the responsible one and found herself having to keep Niki in check, who was more interested in the social event, rather than doing her share of bridesmaid duties

TBNZ5 Niki and Tiff
Meet Niki and Tiff from The Block NZ 2016

Tiff is currently based in Melbourne with her boyfriend of four-and-a-half years where she works as a set dresser and buyer for film and TV, but proudly hails from Wanaka. Niki is based in Christchurch and is a forensic research scientist with a Phd. Among other things, her job involves researching how forensic scientists make decisions about forensic evidence. Niki says that, at work, she would be perceived as rational, calm under pressure and hard working. Outside of work, she says she is the life of the party, random and charismatic.

There’s no doubt that Tiff is the creative and focused half of the duo. She is in it to win it and will be happy with nothing less than walking away with the top prize. She says she’ll be the one to make a plan to get things done in an efficient way and will keep Niki grounded. Niki says she’ll provide the light entertainment to keep them both sane.

Neither have renovation experience, but Tiff’s work basically revolves around fulfilling a creative brief for her clients, so she’ll be using those skills to their advantage.

Niki and Tiff’s week 1 room reveal

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Niki and Tiff’s kids’ bedroom reveal

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Niki and Tiff’s bathroom reveal

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Niki and Tiff’s guest bedroom reveal

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Q&A with Niki and Tiff

What do you think you’ll find hardest as The Block NZ progresses?
Niki: For me, it will be knowing what tradies are needed and when, and not getting eight hours sleep a night. When I’m tired I find it hard to make decisions and get a bit sassy.
Tiff: Trying not to let our tradies down and ensuring they enjoy the experience, too. I don’t want everyone to be stressed out.

Have you spent this much time together before?
Tiff: This is a new journey for Niki and I. We have the best intentions to have a wicked time and come out of it closer than ever.
Niki: No! The longest consecutive time we’ve spent together is a week.

What is your teammate’s most annoying habit?
Niki: Tiff is an early riser and I love a lie-in. To be fair, though, it’ll make us much more productive, being awake and organised as early as possible.
Tiff: She’s going to look like the bubbly one who’s always helping on site and I’m going to look like the serious one who’s out flouncing around the shops all day.

What’s been your biggest DIY exploit?
Niki: I helped my flatmate drill on the lid to a coffee table-come-storage box.
Tiff: None.

What are some of your favourite products that typify your style?
Tiff: French bedlinen, velvet anything and mid-century furniture.
Niki: I’m really not a homeware/material person. I appreciate good-quality stuff but I just don’t spend money on it at this stage in my life.

Are you big followers of the Block NZ?
Niki: I saw the odd episode. Once I knew I was going on it, I started to watch old episodes and realised how hard out it’s going to be!
Tiff: It’s worse for me because I know what’s involved on the other side of the camera, too!

Do you have a great eye for style?
Niki: Definitely not! I’m letting Tiff take on all the responsibility.
Tiff: I feel like I have a good eye for quality and beauty in items. I’d like to think I make considered buying decisions and try to put things together in a different way.

What strengths are you bringing to the competition?
Tiff: Organised, level-headed and responsible. Eye for detail and quality.
Niki: Organisation and making sure the tradies are looked after.

How will your work skills help?
Niki: There were times while working on my PhD that I thought I would never finish it. I imagine some days on The Block NZ will feel like that. Getting over that hump is all about setting small, achievable goals and executing them to a high standard.
Tiff: Long hours and working under time pressures is part of my regular working day!

What makes you a good team?
Niki: That we’re both totally different so we can have separate roles and not feel like we are in conflict when it comes to making decisions.
Tiff: We complement each other well. We’re both chilled and like a good laugh but are so different it allows us not to get in each other’s way.

What are you most nervous about?
Niki: Letting Tiff down, or my family being embarrassed of me if I make a fool of myself in front of the nation!
Tiff: Being on TV for the whole of New Zealand to judge. And because I work in the industry I’m more vulnerable to being judged and it could affect my career.

The Block NZ: Girls v Boys screens Sundays at 7pm and Monday – Wednesday, 7.30pm on TV3.

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