Meet the teams of The Block NZ 2016: Emma and Courtney

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Representing the Deep South, Dunedin girls Emma (27) and Courtney (25) are bubbly, outgoing socialites

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Meet Emma and Courtney from The Block NZ 2016

They met four years ago through mutual friends and have been inseparable ever since.  They’re so close that Emma has even taken up residence in the spare room where Courtney lives with her fiancé and cat Tasman. Emma has an admin background and Courtney works for a home-ware and interior design business.

They say with their skills combined, they’ll be highly organised, efficient and budget focused, and having both grown up in rural New Zealand, they’re not afraid to muck in. They agree Courtney is the practical and creative one and her main job will be to reign in Emma’s crazy ideas. Having worked for the Otago Rugby Union, Emma thinks her experience working in a male dominated environment will help her handle their tradies, and if they have any problems, they’ve got Courtney’s black belt in Tae Kwon Do to fall back on!

They both have a little renovation experience: sanding, gibbing and painting, but they’re keen to learn more.


Emma and Courtney’s kids’ bedroom reveal

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Q&A with Emma and Courtney

What do you think you’ll find hardest as The Block NZ progresses?
Courtney: We will find our lack of knowledge and experience with tradies the hardest. We will need to put a lot of trust in them and take their advice – they’re the experts!

What colours are you normally drawn to in interiors?
Courtney: We both have really similar tastes, thank goodness. We love neutrals and earthy tones, adding brighter colours through styling. I love all things monochrome, brass/copper and natural tones.

Have you spent this much time with your best mate before?
Emma: Perhaps not this much, not constantly. We normally sleep in separate bedrooms for one thing! We do spend most days together normally; we live and socialise together.

What is the biggest DIY exploit you’ve undertaken?
Courtney: Organising the kitchen (tiling, cupboard and benchtop refurbishment) and bathroom renovations in my home in Dunedin.
Emma: I have minimal DIY experience but I’m keen to get stuck in and learn.

Do you feel like you have a great eye for style? How will you decide what look to give your property?
Courtney: I still have a lot to learn when it comes to styling. My favourite part is decorating and dressing a room – making a room look its best. When it comes to our property, we will keep in the back of our minds that it needs to appeal to all types of buyers.
Emma: I don’t think I have an amazing eye for style. However, I do love looking at houses and interiors online and in magazines. Keeping a neutral/earthy look as a base will help Courtney and
I ensure we have a cohesive theme throughout the house and will make it easier for us to stay on the same page in terms of interior design and decorating.

Do you have similar design styles?
Courtney: I think our design styles are pretty similar.
Emma: I feel that both Courtney and I have very similar taste in design and agree on most ideas.

Does your teammate have any annoying habits?
Courtney: I don’t think anything will annoy me about Emma. She speaks her mind, which I admire.
Emma: I don’t think anything will annoy me. Courtney can be indecisive, but that’s also a good thing as I am very impulsive, so we balance each other out well.

Are you big followers of The Block NZ?
Courtney: We love watching The Block NZ – we made a point of always watching it.

What strengths are you bringing to the competition?
Courtney: My strengths in the competition are my styling and dressing of rooms, and shopping for bargains when we have a tight budget to stick to.
Emma: I am quick to make decisions and I feel I will be able to manage our time and tradesmen well. I also won’t let us be walked over and am very up front when something doesn’t sit right.

How do you think your work skills will come in handy?
Courtney: My administration skills will help with keeping things organised and sticking to a tight schedule. My current job (working for an interior designer and homeware buyer) has shown me how to source products and I’ve learned a lot from my amazing boss.
Emma: I work in administration so this will help me with the organisation/record keeping of everything that’s going on. I also work with mainly males in my job, which will help with the management of the tradesmen.

What qualities make you a good combo?
Courtney: Emma and I are complete opposites in almost everything so we balance each other out well. She is good at making decisions quickly whereas I take forever and need reassurance from Emma.
Emma: My ability to make quick decisions, and not being too serious (serious when it matters, though). Also, I don’t get stressed out or worry very easily.

What are you most nervous about?
Courtney: I am most nervous about failing and not winning rooms… but then I worry about everything!
Emma: I am most nervous about not completing a room or going over budget.

As the competition gears up, what advice have you given yourselves?
Courtney: It will be important to stay true to ourselves and remember why we are here. Also, we should try to enjoy every moment as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience which we are so privileged to have.
Emma: It will be important to make sure I enjoy the experience every day and not let anything get to me. When I’m tired I know I’ll need to remind myself that this is a unique opportunity and something money can’t buy.

The Block NZ: Girls v Boys screens Sundays at 7pm and Monday – Wednesday, 7.30pm on TV3.

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