Meet Team Yellow from The Block NZ

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These two dads from Hamilton may be self-described ‘nice guys’ but they’ve got a lot of skill and experience under their belt. We find out more about Team Yellow

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Meet Team Yellow from The Block NZ

Meet Andy Murdie and Nate Ross, brother’s-in-law from Hamilton, who are this year’s Team Yellow on The Block NZ. The pair of fun-loving dads already have some skills behind them – Andy, 38, works as a fireman and makes furniture in his spare time, while Nate, 33, is doing his builder’s apprenticeship.

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Andy admits it’s not in their nature to play the game too much saying, “we’re too much of the nice guys.” Lucky for Team Yellow, Nate some sound construction experience in building, painting and laying carpet; however Andy reckons Nate might be slightly overconfident when it comes to his building abilities.


The competition may be tough but the hardest part for these two dads will be being away from their children and wives who are all in Hamilton. “It will be the longest I’ve been away,” says Nate. Let’s see if they’ve got what it takes!

Take a tour through Andy and Nate’s completed house below

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The Block NZ will premiere Sunday, June 25 at 7pm on Three.

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