Meet Team Orange from The Block NZ

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Design consultant Stace and PHD student Yanita are two besties from Palmerston North who are this year’s Team Orange on The Block NZ

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Meet Team Orange from The Block

Hailing from Palmerston North, besties Stace Cottrill and Yanita McLeay are this year’s Team Orange on The Block NZ. Yanita says they’re both a little bit stubborn and like things their own way, but the bubbly duo bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm that’s sure to exhaust their opponents and win lots of fans.

Stace, 39, works as a freelance designer and consultant and has two sons that she’s going to miss a lot. Yanita, 29, is currently completing a PhD and says “Both Stace and I bring a complimentary set of skills to The Block which we are fast discovering is a fantastic combination.”


As a student, Yanita is a pro budgeter and her research skills and quick thinking should come in handy in the challenges. Stace has renovated three houses and a commercial building, which will be invaluable experience throughout the competition.

As friends and flatmates Stace and Yanita share a close bond and believe their Block experience will only strengthen their friendship. Good luck ladies!

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The Block NZ will premiere Sunday, June 25 at 7pm on Three.


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