See inside all of Claire and Agni’s house on The Block NZ

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Full of colour, pattern and jungle inspiration, team orange Claire and Agni didn’t hold back this season on The Block NZ. See their completed house below

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See inside all of Claire and Agni’s house on The Block NZ

Representatives of “more is more”, skilled wheelers and dealers Claire and Agni became known during their time on The Block NZ as the team unafraid to pack a room with colour, pattern, texture and cushions. Their jungle/tropical inspired rooms either earned the judges praise or had them asking for less. “Overstyling” was a phrase often used at room reveal time, while their finishing also left something to be desired.

The couple hit a low point at week two when they presented an incomplete bathroom to the judges, receiving the lowest score of the season; a 4.5.

But, emboldened never to repeat their week two disaster, Claire and Agni bounced back and pulled out two room reveal wins for their living room and landing in the following weeks.


No room in house one has escaped Claire and Agni’s colour treatment. Bedrooms are honey yellow, terracotta orange and navy blue, the living room is forest green and the dining room a mustard yellow. Even the garage got a splash of rich lapis blue.

But no matter how colourful their rooms were, they paled in comparison to the drama that surrounded these two this season. Driving bans, scheming, and feuds with Amy and Stu plagued Claire and Agni from episode to episode. Site foreman Peter Wolfcamp’s yell of “Agni” after seeing his painting efforts is still ringing in everyone’s ears and even builder Dylan was caught loosing is temper at team orange because of their preference for sleep over work.

Challenge wins weren’t something these two could hang their hats on, but some skilled wheeling and dealing combined with an uncanny ability to win game changer points was.

See their complete house below:


Words: Bea Taylor


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