The Block NZ: Stace and Yanita talk team strategy and their dream homes

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Team Orange tells all about The Block, the best advice they’ve ever received and who inspires them the most.

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The Block NZ: Stace and Yanita talk team strategy and their dream homes

Palmerston North besties Yanita McLeay, 29, and Stace Cottrill, 39, are counting on their firm friendship and “complimentary set of skills” to see them through the rigorous competition of The Block NZ.

With Stace having previously renovated three houses and a commercial building, the mum-of-two definitely knows her way around a building site. While PhD student Yanita doesn’t have the same level of experience, her studies have ensured she’s well-versed in research, budgeting and problem-solving.

Yanita also received a very special surprise that got all the teams in celebration mode. Her boyfriend Jordan got down on one knee on their recently renovated rooftop terrace, surrounded by glittering views of Auckland’s cityscape and asked her to marry him.

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Throughout this season, the BFFs have taken some bold risks with their house, including a novel master bedroom layout and some creative decor decisions. We caught up with Stace and Yanita to talk all things Block-related and tested how well they knew each other with the quick fire questions.

Watch what they had to say in the video above, and see more of Stace and Yanita answering our quick fire questions in the video below.

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