The Block NZ teams reveal their laundries and re-do rooms

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It was all about re-do rooms and laundries this week on The Block NZ. Did they manage to impress the judges? Take a look to see how they went

The Block NZ teams reveal their laundries and re-do rooms

A colour crises hit The Block NZ teams this week and even Amy and Stu weren’t immune. Colour indecision was pandemic; Chlo and Em fretted over wallpaper colour so chose none, Ben was pushed to beige breaking point and Amy was dishing out colour advice to Agni but couldn’t pick which yellow hue their home would be featuring this week. And then there were the copycat allegations; Amy and Stu’s past room reveals providing a certain amount of inspiration to the other teams’ choice of colour and material didn’t go unnoticed by the judges, or Amy and Stu.

But all this was forgotten with the arrival of the teams’ families, who were there to give the houses a well needed clean. Dinner with the judges could only unite the teams further as Jason Bonham continued to berate the boys for their use of timber shelving. His yelp of glee as he sat down next to Amy and Stu, “my favourite team on The Block NZ,” didn’t sit well with the other teams.

Come room reveal time and it was “favourites” Amy and Stu up first for judging. Their laundry lived up to the judges’ high expectation. They loved the artisnal feel of the space. Judge Kristina Rapley was impressed with their use of pink as a feature hue and how they had peppered it throughout the space. “Yet again,” the judges said, “an ergonomic and beautiful space.”

For their re-do room, Amy and Stu chose to makeover the “desert chic” bedroom Claire and Agni created in week one (when the house was theirs.) The judges’ first reaction was one of awe. “Wow, this is totally desert chic,” said Bonham. “They’ve really shown Claire and Agni how it’s done,” said Rapley.

This week Claire and Agni not only faced colour indecision but also indecision on which room they wanted to re-do. In the end, it was the kid’s bedroom makeover that they put forward for judging. Bonham and Rapley were extremely impressed with what they presented and said it was “streets ahead” of their first attempt.

Their laundry received a fair amount of praise too, mostly due to the avocado colour picked out with the guidance of Amy. “I’m impressed,” said Bonham, who also loved the tiles they chose.

Chlo and Em chose the landing as their re-do room this week, something they’d been wanting to do ever since they finished it back in week four. They removed the wallpaper and replaced it with polished plaster. The additional feature wall of a deep, burnt red and “quirky and cute” art choices were enough to impress the judges. “This is exactly what we were talking about,” said Bonham. “What a lovely soft, luscious landing.” They received another tick of approval from the judges for changing their desk cupboard into an actual cupboard with storage.

The high praise kept on coming with their laundry reveal. The judges loved everything from their choice of tiles to their clever use of space. “A lovely use of soft calming colour and materiality,” they said.

With only a score of one to improve on, the boys Ben and Tom were quietly confident that their landing makeover would score higher. Their confidence wasn’t misguided, the judges loved their use of beige textured wallpaper and colourful art prints. Bonham, in particular, was ecstatic to see the plywood had been white-washed. “Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening to us.”

Their laundry, the judges said, was “functional, practical and inoffensive.” They thought the use of colour and tiles was great but wondered whether space could’ve been better utilised.

Scroll to get a closer look at each space and watch the judges’ comments.


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