The Block NZ teams reveal their entrances and powder rooms

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In another down-to-the-wire finish this week, The Block NZ teams battled to finish their entrances, staircases and powder rooms. Here’s a closer look at the four completely different spaces they created

The Block NZ teams reveal their entrances, staircases and powder rooms

This week The Block NZ teams tackled the few remaining interior rooms in their houses; the entrance, staircases and powder room – a task that proved larger and harder than they all first thought. Friday saw every team painting into the early hours and come Saturday “tools down” four completely different spaces were finished. But try as the other teams might, their efforts weren’t enough to beat Amy and Stu, who wowed the judges and took out the win to claim back their top spot.

“A beautiful, colourful and personality-filled space,” judge Jason Bonham said. Everything from their choice of tile, to their plastered walls, was a big tick, and as with every week, their styling was “on point.” They were the only team to give the judges what they “were after all along”: a powder room that packed a punch. Three walls of botanical patterned wallpaper with a botanical print to finish it off, judge Kristina Rapley said it was “clashing in the best possible way.” The faces of the other teams said it all when host Mark Richardson swung the scoreboard around and revealed Amy and Stu’s top score of 18.

Emboldened by their winning streak the boys Ben and Tom had taking out another room reveal in their sights. They continued their use of graphic LED lighting with their custom handrail, but unfortunately, this was the only thing the judges liked in the space, saying there wasn’t much else to judge.

Jason came close to exploding when he laid eyes on the custom wooden shelves installed in the entrance, but Kristina liked that they had reused timber from their kitchen shelving and thought it worked well. The yellow colour the boys reluctantly put on the powder room walls in the hopes that it would win favour with the judges had the opposite effect. Jason thought it made the space feel smaller. They received a 7.5 for their efforts.

It was another week of colour indecision for Chlo and Em, who chose a beautiful sage green for the entrance and made a last minute change from yellow to pale pink in their powder room. Both choices were a win in the judges’ eyes who were “super impressed” by the “relaxing, calming vibe.” Jason thought their choice of tile and wooden stairs was really practical and both he and Kristina were happy to see some colour in the powder room. Queens of second place, they received a 14.

Claire and Agni bore the brunt of the drama this week – they just couldn’t seem to catch a break as penalty after penalty hit them. With a two hour early tools down deadline for unsafe practice, a clamped car and Agni’s driving ban, it was a miracle they managed to finish. The judges applauded their use of colour in the entrance, saying it complemented the front door nicely but they thought the space had “no wow factor.” Their powder room was “adequate”, but their large piece of art impressed, “it sets up the theme for the house nicely.” Their final score was a 9.

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