See inside all of Ben and Tom’s house from The Block NZ

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Team blue, Ben and Tom, have created a minimalist, modern house with architectural details that differentiates it from any other on The Block NZ. Take a look at what they’ve achieved 

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See inside all of Ben and Tom’s house from The Block NZ

Team blue, Ben and Tom, came into The Block NZ with a plan. The architecture graduate and the project manager happily played the long game, sacrificing room wins for what they knew would be a cohesive, architectural house on completion.

Whilst judges Kristina Rapley and Jason Bonham were unimpressed with their efforts at the start, by week 12 they were applauding the boys’ vision. Rapley said at their outdoor space reveal, “seeing this last space completed, I wouldn’t be surprised if these boys take out this whole competition.”

From week one Ben and Tom’s architectural angle was clear. With the keys to house two in their hands they knew from the outset skylights would be important in order to make it a light and bright family home. But their structural changes didn’t stop at installing skylights; cutting out pieces of the landing, re-working the kitchen layout, installing graphic LED feature strips, creating baton clad walls and ceilings and (controversially) re-sizing the walk-in wardrobe were just a few other changes the boys made.


What they lacked in room reveal wins, they made up for in challenge wins, not only taking out the lucrative Dinner Wars prize but also winning a total of $100,000 in prizes for their home.

Garage week saw the boys not only present their first completed room but also score their first win of the season. Where their pared back, practical style, which in previous weeks had let them down, was perfectly suited for this space.

Kitchen week was another big one for Ben and Tom, the design of their entire house centred around what they had planned for this space. Their long game paid off and they came away with another win.

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Words: Bea Taylor


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