4 ways to add impact to your hallway with Shelley Ferguson

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Hallways can be hard to decorate. Luckily we got The Block NZ Challenge Host Shelley Ferguson to round up some style tips to combat these tricky spaces


4 ways to add impact to your hallway with Shelley Ferguson

Often overlooked for more exciting areas like the kitchen and living room, your hallway can actually play a big role in the feel of your home. As part of their week three room reveal challenge, the teams on the Block NZ had to choose their own design brief and finish their hallways.

The Block NZ Challenge Host, Shelley Ferguson sat down with us to show us what the teams did with their hallways and how you can style these troublesome spaces at home.

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1. Ling and Zing: How to work with an awkwardly shaped hallway

Ling and Zing changed their floor plan which meant their hallway ended up a bit confined and confusing. If you’ve got a narrow hallway at home, Shelley says the easiest way to add impact is to think about the adjacent rooms. Place a beautiful piece of furniture near the door to draw the eye outwards or paint the walls white and the end of the hallway a darker colour to make the space feel bigger. Having the same flooring through the hallway and the rooms off it will create a cohesive look and will help make the space feel wider.

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2. Andy and Nate: Creative ways to use paint in your hallway

Andy and Nate used their signature paint style to give their hallway a bit of personality. Paint is the quickest and easiest way to add impact to your hallway and the right colour can really change the mood of the space. From painting your ceiling to choosing different colours for your doors, Shelley rounds up some great tips on how to get creative with paint.

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3. Julia and Ali: How to stop your hallway from feeling flat

Julia and Ali used a white textured wallpaper in their hallway, which added an unexpected element to what’s usually a boring space. Having texture and focal points can make a world of difference in a hallway. Shelley shows us how wood paneling can add texture without adding bulk and how rugs, lighting and art are perfect for creating focal points.

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4. Stace and Yanita: How to make a tiny hallway feel bigger

Stace and Yanita’s hallway is tiny with a lot of doors leading off it. For a space like this, Shelley says a neutral wall colour is key. Using a floor runner and mirror is a great way to lead the eye away and make the space appear longer. If you’ve got stairs leading up to your hallway like Stace and Yanita you can always add impact to the steps. Watch to find out more of Shelley’s tiny hallway tips.

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