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14 of the worst room reveals in The Block NZ history

Article by Homes to Love

Taste is subjective, but these are just simply bad. Take a look at the worst rooms from The Block NZ

The Block NZ

1. Claire and Agni, family bathroom, season 7

Awkward plant layout, terrible tile choice and rough finishing all put this bathroom on “the worst” list, but what really cements its place is the black skylights. It defies convention to paint a tunnel, where light needs to travel and bounce, a colour that absorbs it.

Needless to say, this room wasn’t well-received by the judges.

The Block NZ

2. Sarah and Minnane, guest bedroom, season 4

Sarah and Minnane knew they’d done wrong when they put the final coat of paint on the walls. But, surprisngly, it’s not the worst thing in this room. Is it the curtains? Is it the presence of outdoor pot plants indoors? Is it the messy floor? Is it the curiously placed brown cardboard box? Is it the bright orange elephant in the room?

It’s all of the above.

The Block NZ

3. Ling and Zing, kid’s bedroom, season 6

The only redeeming feature in this travesty of a room was Ngaire, the imaginary girl.

The Block NZ

4. Jamie and Hayden, master bedroom, season 4

Having chosen rap group NWA as their inspiration, Jamie and Hayden were quite surprised when their all-black master bedroom wasn’t well-received by the judges.

We weren’t.

The Block NZ

5. Jamie and Hayden, kitchen, season 4

What is possibly known as “the most hated kitchen in Block history” was a big flop in the judges’ eyes. The “Be Bold” splashback was a particularly polarising piece, which had many people wishing that Jamie and Hayden had, in fact, not ‘gone bold’.

The Block NZ

6. Jamie and Hayden, living room, season 4

With an interior style inspired by a rap group, is it really surprising that most of Jamie and Hayden’s house made it onto “the worst” list?

No, it’s not.

Here is their living room, which features black carpet, black walls, weird striped curtains and a purple LED backlit TV (cause everyone wants that?)

The Block NZ

7. Quinn and Ben, kid’s bedroom, season 3

This is less ‘kid’s bedroom’ and more ‘guest bedroom in my grandma’s house that hasn’t changed from when her kids were using it’.

So I guess it is a kid’s bedroom after all?

The Block NZ

8. Claire and Agni, kids bedroom, season 7

Another kid’s bedroom fail courtesy of Claire and Agni’s “Avatar-inspired” yellow and blue room.

Their Avatar-inspired photoshoot provided some laughs but in a cringey, why did they do it, sort of way.

The Block NZ

9. Sarah and Minnane, living room, season 4

There’s not much to say about this living room, because there’s nothing in it.

The Block NZ

10. Andy and Nate, family bathroom, season 6

This bathroom was famously described as having similarities to “a Spanish public toilet”.

The pixilated/gradient-look tiles were a big mistake.

The Block NZ

11. Andy and Nate, outdoor terrace, season 6

In one of the oddest moves in Block history, Andy and Nate decided to put a pergola on top of their house?

As the judges rightly pointed out, it was weird.

The Block NZ

12. Stacy and Yanita, master bedroom, season 6

The girls set out with good intentions for their master-suite, it unfortunately just didn’t take off. The open-plan, layered set-up of bedroom, wardrobe, ensuite didn’t make sense and was a complete waste of space.

The Block NZ

13. Sam and Emmet, guest bedroom, season 5

The winners of season five of The Block NZ got off to an awful start with this guest bedroom.

The wallpapered feature really is the killing blow in this space.

The Block NZ

14. Ethan and Sam, kid’s bedroom, season 8

This, I think, was in fact described by judge Jason Bonham as “the worst room” he’s ever seen on The Block NZ.

From the shoddy wallpaper to the dangerous fireman’s pole and “mezzanine floor”, plus the awful styling choices and the giant, poorly made bunkbeds, there was nothing to like in this room.

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