Six insider tips you need to know to get the magazine look in your home

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There is nothing quite like flicking through the pages of a magazine for style inspiration and achieving a cover-worthy look in your own home is easier than you think. It also doesn’t need to cost a fortune.A lot of it comes down to some savvy decorating tricks. Even just a few simple additions can elevate a room in the style stakes and create a more polished, professional look. Keep these magazine hacks in mind when you update a space and they’ll have a big effect on the end result.

Magazine Insider tip one: Layering
Every room tells a story, so it’s not surprising that decorating your home follows the same principles as a good book. The main character is your focal point while others who appear in the tale are played by contrasting textures, patterns, and colours, which add interest and depth to a space. Your focal point might be a patterned duvet in the bedroom, a rug in the lounge or a dramatic framed print in the dining room but whatever it is, choose something that will draw the eye, anchor the space and add a little drama. Then you want to layer. Layering is simply the art of combining shape, texture, colour and pattern to create visual interest in a room. Take your focal point and use it to set the tone for the rest of the space. Don’t get caught up matching everything to that one item of inspiration; instead use it as the first piece of the puzzle and build your layers from there.

Magazine Insider tip two: Colour
Colour is often the most effective (and inexpensive) means of adding a little attitude to a room. There are a million ways to introduce colour – from cushions to art, flowers to rugs and everything in between. Again, start with your focal point piece and go from there.

A main colour, with one or two accent tones used sparingly, is a popular approach. This also allows trend colours to be added or taken away as your mood and tastes change.

Colour also has an impact of how you feel in a room. Generally cool colours will have a calming effect while warm hues will hype you up


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Magazine Insider tip three: Art
One of the quickest ways to add interest and personality to a room is through wall art. It’s easy and quick to install or change and can make a big difference without blowing the budget.  While you should always go for art that you personally like there are a few cheats you can use if you’re looking for a steer in your interior design.

If your style is modern, then bold geometric prints and patterns will work well as will monochrome options especially if you’re more a minimalist. If the room you’re decorating is classic or traditional, opt for botanical or photography prints.  Boho interior design can take most art works as the look is electric in nature but don’t go overboard because you’ll have problems tying it all together.  If your space is small, consider a gallery wall or collection of smaller art works rather than one big statement piece. Trios are also a great option.

Also, don’t just think about framed prints, posters can be a great addition as can more unusual pieces like maps, flags and signs.

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Magazine Insider tip four: Greenery
Magazine stylists always talk about adding life to a room. A great way to do this is through the introduction of house plants and other greenery. And it doesn’t just mean chucking a pot in the empty corner.

A plant inside an interesting basket or bowl on the coffee table can be a great addition as are potted plants of various sizes within a bookcase to break up the uniform look.

Adding single branches or dried flowers to glass bottles is another interesting way of incorporating nature into a room or consider layering a wall shelf – alternate between hanging and standing plants and add candles or a framed picture for a complete look.

If you’ve got a large space to fill, think about adding more than one plant. A group of three at varying heights housed in complementary containers will make more impact.

Magazine Insider tip five: Lighting
Create interest and ambience in a room has a lot to do with the lighting. Introducing table lamps to a room is an excellent way of adding fashion with function. If you have a larger room think about creating zones within the space. Perhaps it’s a comfy chair in the corner with a side table and a reading lamp. Or maybe install a small console in an alcove with a desk lamp to create a dedicated working from home area – adding a throw to the desk chair will help tie the zone into the living room

When in doubt, add candles! Not only do they look and smell great, they also add that extra dimension at night.

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Magazine Insider tip six: The details
The key to tying a room together is always in the details and this is where your cushions, throws and other accessories come in. Pick a key colour, which may come from your focal point, and use this to inspire your detail. Make sure you mix up textures and materials, play with proportions and shape while using the odd neutral to anchor the look.

Often odd numbers of items, like five cushions, will help you achieve that relaxed yet stylish look. Wondering how to place a throw? There’s no great trick, simply toss your throw down on the space and see how it lands. Not satisfied? Do it again until you get the perfect placement

Also think about the small pieces – an interesting picture frame, a stylish trinket tray or a quirky ornament to add the finishing touches.


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