7 best places to shop for vintage furniture

Here are some handy tips for vintage shopping, both online and on the street, to help you find the perfect unique piece for your home


7 best places to shop for vintage furniture in New Zealand

1. Op shops and church shops
Try the Hospice, Salvation Army, City Mission and SPCA stores, among others. Small towns often have the best finds, so make a few stops on your next road trip.

2. Reuse shops
Some landfills have shops that sell things deemed too good to dump. It’s worth having a hunt through these.

3. Demolition yards
Renovators will find salvaged timber and ironware, doors, windows, handles, sinks and even entire kitchens.

4. Vintage, antique and retro shops
When you don’t have time to search or want a specific piece, visit a store where the goods are curated for you. The prices will be slightly higher, but usually the quality of items will be, too. Just be aware that some stores sell a mix of secondhand and new, and some are overpriced for the type of goods they are selling.

5. Community events
Keep your eyes peeled for signs advertising garage sales, markets or antique fairs.

6. Online
Many vintage shops now have online stores to browse along with sites such as Trade Me, Etsy and Facebook Marketplace.

7. Auctions
Take your secondhand search to the next level and try your hand at an auction. See for auctions in your area.

Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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