100-year-old rhododendron bush brings fame to small Canadian town

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Bursting with bright pink blooms and standing at a whopping 7.6m, a giant rhododendron bush is bringing a buzz to Canadian town Ladysmith


100-year-old rhododendron bush brings fame to small Canadian town

A small Canadian town hopes to capitalise on a local homeowner’s 7.6 metre rhododendron bush, after this picture went viral online.

Sitting in the front yard of a local lawyer’s house, the giant shrub known as ‘Lady Cynthia’ is headed into full bloom and is drawing a lot of attention for its beauty, size and vibrant pink appearance.

Expected to carry 4,000 blooms over the next couple of weeks, former Ladysmith councillor and local historian, Rob Johnson, 73, believes that the “marvel of nature” should be a tourist attraction within their small town whilst it’s in bloom.

According to the BBC, Johnson has convinced the local Chamber of Commerce to capitalise on the 115-year-old shrub which is the “size of a small house” following its new found fame, as when its not in bloom it’s “just a nice, big, green shrub”.

Lady Cynthia was reportedly brought over on a ship from Scotland by the first owners of the property.

Image via: Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce. Words by: Danielle Harman.

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