Q&A with Stephanie Moffit from Mokum

Article by Simply You

New Zealand-born Stephanie Moffitt has been at the helm of Sydney-based company Mokum for 22 years. She tells Trudi Brewer what’s in style for summer.


What are the biggest trends for summer?
Pulling indoor furniture outside. There is a lot of innovation in outdoor textiles where they look and feel like indoor textiles. These little things add to our al fresco lifestyle.

Where do you draw your inspiration each season?
We tend to look at thematic concepts. We want to create collections that have longevity because we are not like the fashion industry where you change your home every six months. We really focus on making sure our products are decorative but also durable.


Do you think that need for durability comes from our weather and our environment?
I think it’s our mindset. Our indoor-outdoor lifestyle plays a huge part in open, modern architectural homes. This is why we are seeing a lot of outdoor product moving indoors and vice versa. But I also think it’s our unpretentious nature. We have an expectation that things we invest in will last, so we need that durability.

Tell me a bit about your latest collection, Dynasty, was it quite organic or did you have clear ideas?
I think Asian art and decoration is an enduring theme. We were aiming for relaxed glamour with the Dynasty collection, which is a nice base of plains and semi-plains with some show pieces. We try to create an array of subtle constructions that work well together, and then let you put your own stamp on it.


Was there any inspiration from the catwalk within the range?
Yes, I love Dries van Noten. He always has such beautiful embroidery, so we based some of our designs on his decorative sleeves.


Where do you start when planning a new interior look?
Seek professional advice, they know what to ask and will make a lookbook for you to make everything easier. Everyone knows what they want when they see it and professionals will help you get to that point.

What are the biggest mistakes we can make in our interior selection?
Don’t be too fearful. If you love something, get it. Trust your gut and don’t worry about what other people think. You should consider your lifestyle and buy things that are a mix of practicality and risk. Invest in timeless, bigger pieces and accessories that pose little risk.

We are a nation of black fashion wearers with neutral interior tastes. How can we be brave with colour?
We live in such a beautiful country, which is why we are neutral about colours internally. We have subtle drapery because we’re all about opening the curtains and looking outside. If you love a pattern or fabric, then be brave with colour, especially on things like cushions, which are a really simple way to add colour to a neutral interior.

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