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The latest colours and finishes from benchtop specialists, Corian team durability and quality with design flair.

What is Corian and how is it used?
Corian is a benchtop product which has been manufactured by DuPont since 1967. It contains an advanced blend of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third pure acrylic resin. Corian has traditionally been used for kitchen benchtops but it is becoming more popular for bathroom vanities and basins and also for laundry benchtops, because people like consistency in the surfaces throughout their home.


How durable is Corian?
It is extremely durable. We know of customers who have had their Corian benchtops for well over 20 years. With ongoing use, Corian develops its own patina or lustre. It can also be re-buffed at any time to bring it back to the original surface finish. Should the worst happen (we do not recommend people dancing on Corian benchtops, however great the party), most damage can usually be repaired onsite with very little disruption. It is also very resistant to stains. Many everyday substances that will mark other surfaces – such as red wine, lemon juice and olive oil – can be used on Corian with confidence.


Do chopping boards and heat protection need to be used on Corian?
Chopping boards and heat protection should really be used on all surfaces. The ‘thermal shock’ that results when hot cookware is put onto a cold benchtop has the potential to crack most surfaces.

What are the different colours in the Corian range?
We have four different collections within the overall New Zealand Corian range. These are Solid Whites, Essentials (affordable and neutral contemporary patterns), Design Collection and Organics (the most premium collection, where each sheet is unique).


What are the latest kitchen surface trends?
Apart from quality, which is always in style, white is consistently popular and your kitchen benchtop should have either a striking design or some texture within the white to ensure it doesn’t look sterile. Both Venaro White and Cirrus White from the Corian Organics collection deliver this extra interest via sophisticated veining and layering. Otherwise, colours are deepening in intensity and becoming more moody. We are seeing a surge of interest in Corian Lava Rock – a deep, warm grey base with umber and golden veining. Pure black bathroomware is also a growing trend.
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