Would you stay in a hotel with no roof or walls?

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Open to the beautiful elements, this conceptual Null Stern ‘hotel’ in Switzerland is not for the fainthearted


Calling all minimalists

The latest project from the trio behind Null Stern – conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin and hospitality stalwart Daniel Charbonnier – is an open-air hotel located in the Swiss Alps. Guests are encouraged to sleep under the stars as the ‘hotel room’ has no walls or ceiling.

In fact all the room has is a bed, side tables and lamps. It does, however, come with the services of a butler and a free breakfast.

For anyone wondering about the bathroom situation, there is a public toilet a 10 minute walk away. Don’t forget your slippers!


The hotel costs $357 per night and it’s recommended that people stay in warmer seasons. Bookings are also weather dependent, and can be cancelled due to rain.

The first Null Stern Hotel was opened in a former nuclear bunker in Teufen, Switzerland in 2009, dubbed the world’s first ‘zero-star hotel’.


“Even though this version is radically different from the first one in the nuclear bunker, the essence and the spirit of the concept remains the same — to put the guest at the center of the experience and to focus on the intangible by reducing everything else to the minimum,” hospitality professional Daniel Charbonnier told Inhabitat.


The room is fully booked for the summer season of 2016 but book your stay for 2017 by emailing

Images via: Null Stern.

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