An inside look at Antarctica’s first and only luxury hotel

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Intrepid travel and comfort usually don’t go hand in hand, but thanks to these tiny pods comfort in the most remote part of the world is possible

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An inside look at Antarctica’s first and only luxury hotel

Warm, luxurious and inviting are not words that come to mind when describing the Antarctic, but this group of unassuming pods in the South Pole are home to one of the world’s most remote luxury hotels.

For almost a decade White Desert has been providing comfort and style to adventurous individuals, notably Prince Harry (and not surprisingly Bear Grylls). Located at a 200ft ice fall it is known as Antarctica’s first and only luxury hotel.

The camp is made up of six heated fibre glass pods, which are powered by solar energy. It also adheres to strict ecological guidelines so all waste from the hotel is transported to Cape Town, South Africa.

The freezing temperatures outside are easily forgotten with the plush interior of each pod. Fur throws, leather detailing, thick piles rugs and tufted velvet make for an extremely cosy stay.

An 8-day adventure will set you back €64,000 (NZD$96,000) and your itinerary will include trekking through ice tunnels, skiing, and an incredible visit to a colony of Emperor penguins.

Sounds like ultimate glamping experience!


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