An Indonesian slum becomes a tourist destination after going technicolour

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Here’s an Insta-worthy destination to add to your travel bucket list. An Indonesian slum is now a vibrant village thanks to a splash of bright paint


An Indonesian slum becomes a tourist destination after going technicolour

An Indonesian village, that was once considered a slum, has been transformed into a technicolour dream thanks to junior high school principal Slamet Widodo’s vision to improve his community.

Previously named Kampung Wonosari, the village is now officially known as Kampung Pelangi or “Rainbow Village” following 232 houses being painted in vibrant colours.

The restoration of the village hasn’t stopped at just the houses, streets have been tidied and painted in the same vibrant style, and large murals have been splashed across the sides of buildings.

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Local government has supported the transformation and have so far allocated a budget of 300 million Indonesian Rupiah (NZD $32,000) to fund the current transformation.

Hendrar Prihadi, the Mayor of Semarang, is in full support of the project and hopes to increase the number of painted houses to 385, making the kaleidoscope village the biggest in Indonesia.

The colourful makeover has helped the village in south Semarang to become a tourist destination, which has been wonderful news for the locals who are now selling food and souvenirs.

Widodo was inspired by smaller scale projects in other villages in Indonesia like Kampung Kali Code in Yogyakarta, and Kampung Tridi in Malang.

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