Designer profile: Plump & Co create gorgeous oversize knits

Kiwi company Plump & Co are rekindling the passion of slow craft across the country through their impossibly chunky bespoke and make-your-own wool knits 

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Introducing Plump & Co

Jacinta and Talia: “We offer a bespoke range of extra-large felted wools and tools for creating your own chunky wool blankets, plus our readymade range of custom hand-constructed homewares.”

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“Our focus and philosophy is to bring the traditional art of knitting to a modern audience in a fun and unique format.”

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“Our nationwide workshops where we encourage experimentation and creativity are helping to rekindle the passion of slow craft across generations.”

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“All our yarns have been felted, making them different from raw wool which can pill and moult. Felted wool sets us apart from other companies and provides a stable and functional knitting yarn.”

Plump & Co
(07) 853 8042

Words by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Brydie Photography.

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