Monmouth Glass Studio produce hand-blown glass creations

Monmouth Glass Studio have made a name for themselves with their fine, functional glassware and lighting, handmade with traditional hot glass techniques 

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Introducing Monmouth Glass Studio

Stephen Bradbourne and Isaac Katzoff: “We create functional and decorative pieces using traditional hot glass techniques with a strong focus on balancing our time and resources between bespoke, commissioned pieces and commercial items such as glassware and lighting.”

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“For us, the success lies in customers being able to access items easily via our online store or select retail partners, and also in keeping the experimental element alive through our individual shows with dealer galleries such as Masterworks Gallery in Newton.”

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“Each and every piece is hand-blown in our central Auckland studio, where we fire up three days a week.”

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“Hot glass is the ultimate material to work with – it is extremely versatile, has endless qualities and it responds well to colour and light.”

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“It is malleable and manipulable one moment, then, as it cools, it becomes rigid and unmoving.”

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“Once you have mastered how to work with molten glass, the possibilities of form and colour are infinite.”

Monmouth Glass Studio 
36a Monmouth Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Words by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Helen Bankers, Greta Van Der Star, Jessie Casson and Monmouth Glass Studio.

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