Markantonia create furniture, floral design and dreamy candles

Couple Antonia De Vere and Mark Seeney have combined their creative endeavours in Markantonia – a company that’s all about everything beautiful 

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Meet the makers behind Markantonia

Antonia De Vere: “Our business is an eclectic combination of our design-focused careers – Mark (Seeney) with furniture design and myself with floral design, then combining forces on candles, homeware and other projects.

I am a trained florist as well as having a background in jewellery design, but my focus has more recently been on working with dried sculptural arrangements. They are extremely time-consuming but result in a treasured piece of art.”

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“My dried flowers happened organically when I noticed a gap, especially in retail spaces and homes – everyone loves flowers but it’s such an expense to maintain fresh flowers on a regular basis, so I started to create dried arrangements that were tailored to a brand’s collection, a home’s decor or a special event.

These dried flowers have the potential to last for years if treated well and placed in the right conditions. Mark’s furniture design began with custom fit-outs in Auckland. However, he is currently working on ready-made homeware pieces.”


Words by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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