A sculpture of colossal hands rise from Venice canal

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A pair of giant hands have appeared reaching out of Venice’s Grand Canal to highlight the devastating effects of climate change

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A sculpture of colossal hands rise from Venice canal 

Two giant hands have emerged from the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, as part of the 57th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

The sculpture, named ‘Support’, can be seen reaching up and grabbing luxury hotel Ca’Sagredo.

Created by renowned Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn, the extraordinary piece aims to highlight the threat of global warming and how rising ocean levels will impact cities like Venice.

Quinn is well known for his powerful sculptures of human hands and his work is displayed across the world from London and Doha to New York.

Each hand weighs over 2,200 kg and was made in Quinn’s Barcelona studio before being sent over to Venice.

The colossal sculpture, modeled after the hands of one of Quinn’s children, evokes both fear and hope. Quinn says, “united we can make a stand to curb the climate change that affects us all.

Images and video via: Lorenzo Quinn Instagram

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