Alex Fulton launches new online store

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We chat to interiors expert, colour ambassador and self-proclaimed ‘rebel of retail’,  Alex Fulton, about her new online shop AFD Store, which features her signature dose of bright colour and a personally curated selection of homeware and accessories


The online store has an ever-changing collection of homeware products. This month the theme is ‘Spring Brights’.


Alex, AFD Store looks bright, eclectic and fun, how else is it different from other online stores?

With so many rockin’ online stores in the webisphere I wanted to create something new. I’m always trying to forge new paths with my design aesthetic and my interior design, and veer away from things that have been done before. This online version of our Blenheim-based store is that in a nutshell. I wanted to visually treat our customers with a new way to view and buy products. Each month we style a collection and this will change monthly too. We also have an ‘everything’ section that allows us to sell other products as well. It brings the bricks and mortar AFD Store to an online forum which means we can peddle our wares to more fans of colour, design and jolly good products.


A product from the Bride & Wolfe Mesh shelf series.


What products and designers will you featuring?

Mostly New Zealand and Australian brands which I have an incredible passion for.  It was never intentional but the design force is strong with Antipodeans and I’m loud and proud in promoting them. Within those brands I hand-pick products that work together in a collection format (hence the collection idea for the online store).  My curation reflects my design style and it’s easy to achieve with my amazing suppliers.  We stock Armadillo + Co, Nodi Rugs, Kate & Kate Blankets, General Eclectic, Trestle Union, David Trubridge, Klein and Schon, Arro Home, Kip & Co, Bride and Wolfe, You’re Welcome, Tim Webber Design, Made by Mosey, La Luna Rose, Henry and Co, Evie Kemp, Karen Walker Sunglasses and much more!


Vases by Arrow Home feature on AFD Store.


Are all the products personally selected by you?

Most definitely. When your name is on the front door I think it’s really important to keep the look that has come to be your signature style. I’m a keen scout, sniffing out new and interesting design everywhere I go. I’ve found some amazing artisans and brands on Instagram too!


A colourful collection of products from the likes of Kate & Kate and Arro Home.


What are some of the key homeware trends that AFD store is embracing?

I want my customers to own something because they genuinely love it and for it to reflect their style and give them joy. Whether it’s trendy or not doesn’t really factor into my choice of product. It’s more about showcasing great design and clever-clog designers that appeal to the individual and not what the masses are doing.


Bride & Wolfe mesh shelf against a ply wall.


The online store is a colour explosion, is that important to you?

Very much. This online store has been over a year in the making with much deliberation and many sleepless nights working on getting things exact. There were three things that this store needed to be – different, colourful and easy to use. That  sums me up too. I have an unwavering passion to share great design and this is how I can do that.

Visit to view the collection.

Words by: Johanna Thornton

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