A little black box with a library hidden inside

Article by Homes to Love

A Canadian architecture studio has created The Story Pod, a little black box that opens by day to reveal a charming little library


Designed by Atelier Kastelic Buffey (AKB), this public mini-building in Newmarket, north of Toronto, is a community-supported lending library where visitors can take or leave something to read. There is built-in seating to entice people to stay and read and nearby steps for groups to sit and read together.


The simple form has two walls that pivot open during the day, in a design nod to the covers of a book. The architects say: “At night, when the doors are locked, recessed, energy efficient LED lights, powered by concealed, self-sustaining solar panels on the roof, glow through the lattice work like a lantern, providing ambiance for night markets or community events.”


The underlying idea behind the reading pod is to draw communities together, providing a gathering point in an otherwise urban area.


Photos by: Bob Gundu and Shai Gil via Atelier Kastelic Buffey.

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