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How these two women perfected the art of pantry organisation

Changing careers to start their own pantry organisation business came naturally to Amanda Stickland and Hannah Sullivan. They talk to us about their new business, Simplify My Home

Amanda Stickland and Hannah Sullivan are the founders of pantry organising service and online store, Simplify My Home. Here, they share their advice on how to get the clutter-free pantry of your dreams.

Where did the idea for Simplify My Home come from and what made you start the business?

Amanda: We were both home with kids at a similar time and it became obvious that better organisation allowed a more seamless flow at home. From just organising a pantry we saw major benefits – the whole family accessed food more easily, it was clearer what was needed at shopping time so there was less waste, and it made mealtimes, which tend to be pretty stressful with young families, less chaotic. We are sisters-in-law, so bonded over weekends spent together in the kitchen with family. Our shared passion became a business idea from there.

What are your respective work backgrounds?

Hannah: We’ve both had a complete career change, but the skills we learnt from previous roles are what makes us a strong team now. Amanda was a school teacher and I worked in corporate sales, so these backgrounds, combined with juggling our own families, are what have taught us the value of preparation, organisation, relationships and a strong work ethic. Establishing Simplify My Home has been exciting, because our passion project has become our job.

What are the most common pantry problems your customers are facing?

Amanda: A lot of people feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, and many feel they don’t have enough space. But reorganising everything and regrouping carefully is the key to a more functional space.

What are your top tips for making sure a pantry stays organised?

Hannah: Our process means everything has a place. If all your food is accessible and easy to see, there will be less waste and it will be easier to keep tidy. We suggest having a basket for ‘unopened extras’ and another for ‘opened extras’ so even things that you’re not too sure what to do with at the time have a place.

How did you go about finding the perfect organisation products to sell in your store?

Amanda: A huge amount of research! We sourced samples internationally and tested extensively to ensure the best quality product. We love and use all our products ourselves. The Luxe glass and bamboo range is our absolute favourite and we feel like it aligns beautifully with clean, green and sustainable Kiwi living.

Words by: Sally Conor. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick, Bauer Syndication.

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