Tulip magnolia is the spring bloom to have in your home

These flowers light up the garden this season, here’s how to use them in a flower arrangement

Tulip magnolia is the spring bloom to have in your home

This magnificent flowering tree produces goblet-shaped blooms that light up the garden in late winter and spring. These deciduous trees can vary in shape and size from 7-metre-plus specimens to more compact varieties such as ‘Vulcan’ and ‘Genie’ that are perfect for contemporary gardens.

Flower colours range from pure white through to wine red. The size of blooms also varies hugely with the locally bred variety ‘Atlas’ said to have the largest magnolia flower in the world, a massive 35cm-wide lilac pink bloom.

Make sure you give these beautiful trees plenty of space, shelter from strong winds and full sun, but ideally with their roots shaded from the heat.

The thick, woody stems of this flower can be difficult to arrange when styled on their own, so use pre-soaked oasis blocks to stabilise the stems. The tulip magnolia gives off a sweet scent and can be an attractive sculptural addition to your space.

The blooms should last for 7-9 days provided their water is changed daily.

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