Misa Christmas Tree Farm gives us their top tips for tree care

For 76 years Kiwi families have completed their Christmas with trees from Misa Christmas Tree Farm. See their tips for keeping your tree perky and fresh


Misa Christmas Tree Farm gives us their top tips for tree care

It was, and still is, a rite of passage for Misa children to work at the Misa Christmas Tree Farm each December. The Auckland landmark is an unexpected sight in the heart of Balmoral, with its swathe of pine trees cutting through the central city suburb. Every December, hordes of excited families flock to the farm to walk among the festive wonderland and select their tree of choice.

What started as two children selling macrocarpa branches in front of their farm 76 years ago has developed into a treasured family business and a key part of many Aucklanders’ Christmases.

Tree care tips

  1. Tradition says you should put up your tree after 1 December and take it down on 5 January, the twelfth day of Christmas.
  2. The tree needs plenty of water. Ensure it doesn’t run dry and replenish the tree’s water every few days. A big tree will drink up to a few litres in the first few days.
  3. The base should be cut fresh just before the tree goes into water. If you travel one hour from the tree farm to home, cut a sliver off the bottom before putting it in water.
  4. Keep the tree out of direct sunlight as it will cause the tree to wilt before its time.

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Words by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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