Garden trends: Q&A with landscape designer Debbie Hardy

Article by Simply You

Landscape designer Debbie Hardy talks garden trends, from green living walls to garden art

Inner sanctuary

Debbie, what’s the latest buzz with gardens?
Beautiful lawns and structure, a garden with formal bones (clipped hedges, single plants planted en masse) is still very popular. Green walls and green roofs are a hot garden trend, as is a productive garden (filled with plants that produce fruit, vegetables or herbs), and good lighting, garden art, sculptures and pools.

What inspired your garden style?
My design inspiration comes from Brazilian landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx, who specialised in Brazilian plants and making patterns with plants and concrete. He would create great swathes of colour and texture using a single or a few plants. I wanted to evoke that feeling of always being on holiday and that peace you feel when you are somewhere exotic and walk out of your door onto a terrace and immediately feel relaxed.

What should/would you always spend money on?
A garden designer and good-quality hard landscaping – retaining walls, concrete paths, features, walks, fences, decks – as these are enduring. Large, feature specimen plants are great for instant height and a feeling of maturity, along with a good watering system.

Any green trends making a comeback?
The return of the indoor plant! Three years ago I had not a single plant inside – now I have more than 10.

What easy ways are there to make our gardens inviting for summer?
Buy some beautiful outdoor furniture and feed your lawn to get it looking beautiful.

Best time to give your garden an overhaul?

Best summer garden tip?
Install an automated watering system, put a pool in and try to live in your garden.

What’s your favourite memory in this garden?
Significant birthday parties. I love birthdays and I am a huge believer in celebrating them.

Words by: Karlya Smith.
Photography by: Jon Day.

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