Why eucalyptus should be every budding florist’s best friend

With its silvery green leaves, scent and sculptural quality, eucalyptus foliage is the it ideal choice for indoor arrangements

Why eucalyptus should be every budding florist’s best friend

There was a time when silver dollar trees (Eucalyptus cinerea) were seen in gardens everywhere. These days eucalypts aren’t as common, which is a shame as there are some beautiful species in this large genus. Most are Australian natives but many grow quite happily here, often used as a fast-growing screen. They’re also prized for their beautiful trunks, scent, pretty foliage and, in some, stunning flowers. The trees are easy to grow as long as they have sun and free-draining soil. If you’re a budding florist and want a good source of lovely foliage, consider Eucalyptus

Two or three stems of eucalyptus will fill a vase and look wonderful on their own or can be added to blooms or other leaves for contrast. Sometimes, though, simple is best. This single branch looks stunning paired with a delicate wild floral in a Japanese-style design that would be perfect for a bedside table or bare hall table. Fresh eucalyptus will last 2-3 weeks and dries nicely so it will look good for months.

Words by: Carol Bucknell.

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