How Clint Roberts and Lucy Slight got their deck sorted for summer

ZM Drive Show host Clint Roberts and Your Home and Garden contributor Lucy Slight share how they’re sorted for easy summer living, thanks to Cabot’s Aquadeck

Nothing says ‘Kiwi summer’ like alfresco feasts with friends and family. The evenings are long, the weather is warm and those well-deserved bevvies are moreishly cold. And there’s nowhere that lends itself to relaxation quite like the deck – that sacred barefooted haven made especially for space, set apart from the stresses of work and all the chores indoors. A place where you can overlook a dropped wet towel and a spilt splash of wine as you slowly rotate kebabs on the barbecue.

Refresh your deck

Now that it’s hot, but not too hot, and the craziness of Christmas is yet to kick in, why not resurrect your deck as soon as possible? ZM Drive Show host Clint Roberts and Your Home and Garden contributor Lucy Slight added a deck to their house two summers ago. A self-confessed deck-staining rookie, Clint recently spruced it up with Cabot’s, just in time to start hosting summer barbecues, and he’s thrilled with the finish he achieved. “Look at my deck!” Clint exclaims, “Call me deck-proud but I’m stoked with this result.”

November is the perfect time to give it some love, and Cabot’s make it quick and easy. “I used Cabot’s Aquadeck in Kwila from Bunnings,” explains Clint, “…and knocked this project out in just six hours over one weekend.”

Easy maintenance

Cabot’s Aquadeck is highly durable and lasts twice as long as traditional decking oils. With a one hour re-coat time, deck maintenance can be completed in just one day – allowing you to get straight back to the all-important task of relaxing.

With a comprehensive range of stains, oils and other coatings, as well as detailed project guides and live chats with experts on their website, they’ll help you achieve a professional finish.

Done and dusted

Clint says it feels great to tick one more job off the reno list.“Now we just need to paint the outside and the whole house is done!”

Ask for Cabot’s deck products at Bunnings Warehouse, Guthrie Bowron or Colourplus, and get expert project advice and live chat at cabots.co.nz.

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